How To Deep Clean Your Appliances

It’s that time of year, spring cleaning is in the air! While scrubbing appliances may not be the first chore to cross your mind, your appliances should be at the top of your cleaning checklist. Proper maintenance and care of your household appliances can increase their effectiveness and life span, as well as decrease possible safety risks. Follow this checklist to learn how to deep clean your major appliances.

How To Deep Clean Your Appliances


  • Start with cleaning the interior. Before you start, make sure the circuit breaker to the outlet is turned off and unplug the refrigerator. Store highly perishable food in coolers while you clean the refrigerator. Use baking soda and warm water (2How to deep clean your appliances TBSP to 1 QT water) and some washcloths to wipe down the inside. You can soak shelves and drawers in the sink with this solution as well. During this process, toss out any food that you no longer need or is expired. Less food in your fridge (particularly towards the top) will help ensure you have ample circulation, which saves you money!
  • Clean the gaskets to prevent unhealthy mildew build-up. This can be done with a pointed tip cotton
    swab and some warm, soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach! Chemicals will deteriorate and shorten the life of our gasket.
  • There’s also some cleaning to be done on the exterior as well. While your unit is still unplugged, remove the grille located at the bottom or top in order to access the condenser coils and fan. Use an appliance brush to gently brush off any dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. This will help improve your refrigerator’s efficiency since the refrigerator won’t work as hard to keep your food cold.


  • If your stove-top and oven are dirty, it can affect the quality of your cooking and can be a fire hazard! It’s a good idea to give it a good deep clean once every few months. It’s best to use organic kitchen cleaning products where you are preparing food, rather than harsh chemicals. For homemade cleaning solutions and some details on the best ways to clean your oven, follow this link.
  • Remember to lift off and clean your burner grates separately from your stove, ensuring you remove any built-up grime on the bottom of the grate. This also allows you to easily clean underneath the grate, where your drip trays sit. Consider using the cleaning solutions described in this article and a heavy-duty scrubber, that will make the task much easier.


  • Proper cleaning of your dishwasher will help it stay running smoothly and efficiently. Your dishwasher’s sump filter is something to get in the habit of cleaning. Food particles can often get caught in the filter. A dirty sump is a common dishwasher problem that will lead to drainage issues.How to deep clean your appliances
  • Maintaining and cleaning your dishwasher gasket is also important, as you certainly don’t want any leaks onto your floor or mildew growing where dishes are being washed!
  • An effective way to give the rest of your dishwasher a deep clean is to use Affresh dishwasher tablets. It’s even more effective than bleach, as it dissolves away lime and mineral deposits. We also recommend Affresh tablets for clothes washers, as they not only kill bacteria growing in your washer, but also remove the residue that causes the bacteria to grow!


  • Did you know that if dryers are not properly maintained, they can become fire hazards? Lint and other build-up in dryer vents is actually one of the leading causes of home fires. This is why it’s a good idea to clean out your dryer vents at least two times a year. The aforementioned appliance brush is a great tool for this task.

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