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Why Your LG Front Load Washer Smells and How to Clean It

how to clean an LG front load washer

A smelly LG front load washer can make even freshly-cleaned clothes seem dirty again. How do I get my front load washer to stop smelling? Target the odor’s source by wiping down the gasket and cleaning the washer tub with a commercial cleaner or baking soda and vinegar. Learn why your LG front load washer smells and the right cleaning techniques for front-loading machines.

LG Front Load Washer Smells? Here’s How to Stop Odor in Its Tracks

When your LG front load washer smells there are specific cleaning methods that can effectively banish odor and prevent its return. But before we detail the best way to clean a front load washer, it’s helpful to know what causes bad smells.

Why Does My Front Load Washer Smell?

Front load washers use less water than top-loading machines, making them more efficient. However, less water usage also means dirt and grime from clothing can linger in the wash tub. Failure to use HE detergent or using too much can also leave behind sudsy residue in the tub and rubber gasket. Without preventative cleanings, the washer’s warm, moist environment provides the perfect setting for leftover dirt and residue to breed smelly mold and mildew.

Now that you know why your LG front load washer stinks, the following cleaning methods can eliminate odor and keep it away.

How to Clean an LG Front Load Washer Gasket

The rubber gasket on front load washers provides a tight seal to prevent leaks when the door is closed. However, it can also be a catch-all for odor-causing dirt and detergent residue. 

Here’s how to clean an LG front load washer gasket with the right steps and supplies:

  • Open the washer door and peel back the gasket so its interior is accessible.
  • Remove any visible objects like coins, paper clips or hair.
  • If your LG washer smells like mold, you may notice black spots on the gasket. Spray them with a mildew cleaner or hot soapy water and wipe down the gasket with a clean cloth until they’re gone.
  • For persistent mildew, scrub the spots with an old toothbrush dipped in a 10% bleach solution.

lg front load washer smells

How to Clean LG Washer Tub

The washer tub can also harbor mold and mildew from leftover dirt and detergent. Most LG washers have a Tub Clean setting that can be used with a commercial cleaner to eliminate odor. Check your use and care manual to determine how to use this cycle in your model washer.

If your washer doesn’t have a Tub Clean setting, here’s how to clean the tub with baking soda and vinegar:

  • Add ⅓ cup of baking soda to the empty washer drum.
  • Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser.
  • Start a regular wash setting with hot water and allow it to run to completion.
  • For severe odor, repeat the above steps with just 2 cups of bleach in the bleach dispenser. To ensure that no bleach remains in the machine, run a rinse cycle after the wash cycle is complete.

best way to clean a front load washer

How to Avoid Front Load Washer Smells

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent LG front load washer smells. Keeping your cleaning supplies neatly organized with these laundry room hacks ensures that everything you need is close at hand.

Follow these maintenance tips to avoid front load washer odor:

  • Run a monthly Tub Clean cycle with a commercial cleaner: we recommend Affresh as the best washing machine cleaner for front loader machines.
  • Check the gasket: look for foreign objects after each wash and wipe down the gasket with a mildew cleaner on a weekly basis.
  • Use the right detergent: Always use HE detergent in front loading machines and avoid using too much by using the least recommended amount on the package..
  • Keep the washer door open when not in use: this promotes airflow and lessens moisture.
  • Remove wet clothes as soon as possible: letting wet clothes linger can also cause excess moisture that breeds mildew.

If your LG front load washer smells persist, you may need a front load washer repair service to assess the problem. Call Lake Appliance Repair to handle any washer issue.

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