Property Management

Lake Appliance Repair works with numerous Property Management companies. We provide prompt and affordable service. Imagine if a tenant or vacation home renter called you and said their refrigerator wasn’t cooling. Do you have a company you trust to get same day or next day service? We understand this can be a frustrating and an expensive process, especially if you are managing many units.

We have developed a program for our Preferred Vendors to receive special treatment and great rates. If you meet the qualifications listed below and are interested in applying for our Preferred Vendor program, please fill out the Preferred Vendor Application.


Property Management Preferred Vendor Benefits:

  • 50% off the cost of our regular service charge.
  • Same day or next day service (Monday thru Friday), or you get an additional $10 off.
  • 10% off parts.
  • Free shipping on parts purchases over $75.
  • Free technical support to you or your Maintenance Manager for any repairs you’d like to attempt yourself.


Property Management Preferred Vendor Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 10 separate managed properties/condos/apartments.
  • A minimum of 1 appliance repair per month, or 3 repairs within 3 consecutive months.
  • Payment terms of NET 45.
  • A personal payment guarantee with valid credit card authorization.