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how to keep food cold when fridge is broken

How to Keep Food Cold When Fridge is Broken

Whether you’re a restaurateur with a walk-in refrigerator or a homeowner with a mini-fridge, both are essential to keeping food fresh. So, what’s the best

maytag refrigerator is noisy

Why Is My Maytag Refrigerator Making Noise?

A refrigerator’s normal operating sounds are so familiar they blend into the background. So much so that loud noises can be downright startling. Why is

foods that shouldn't be refrigerated
Appliance Usage Tips

5 Foods You Shouldn’t Put in the Refrigerator

Though a refrigerator can preserve many foods, there are some that shouldn’t be exposed to chilly temperatures. For those items, low temperatures can alter their

how to use a freezer
Appliance Usage Tips

6 Useful Freezer Hacks That Make Life Easier

While most appliances make our lives easier, it’s always a bonus when they can do double duty. Aside from just preserving our ice cream stash,

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