Prices and Warranty

When you deal with Lake Appliance Repair you are putting your faith in the area’s very best appliance repair specialists. We’ve been in this industry for decades and have full confidence in our ability to take care of whatever is ailing your appliances. Our repair guarantee stands as a reminder that we will do the job the right way, every time.

Our mission is to provide the most professional in-home appliance repair service in the industry. We will serve homeowners, manufacturers, and dealers alike with the highest quality service.

Our service charge ranges from $125 to $200, depending on how far away you are from our closest technician.

The service charge will be paid when booking your appointment. This allows us to guarantee your time slot on the date of service. Your slot can’t be guaranteed if the service charge is not paid prior to the day of service.*

Due to the increased difficulty of removing, diagnosing, and reinstalling a built-in microwave, our service charge for microwaves is an additional $60. This means our microwave service charge will range between $160 to $210. This charge covers the cost of bringing a fully trained technician with a fully stocked mobile service shop to your home. Our technician will provide you an estimate for the cost of labor and parts, if needed. This service charge will be waived if you approve the estimate and have us repair the appliance.

*Warranty Repairs: The service charge is not due before your appointment only when warranty coverage is verifiable with a model and serial number, concession number, or policy.

Includes the amount in which it will cost to repair the appliance. Labor rates are NOT based on the time a technician spends in the home. Operating a service organization involves costs that are unseen by the customer that are vital to perform prompt and efficient service. Examples of these costs are the technician’s ongoing training expense, costly test equipment, office personnel, rent, parts inventory, and much more. You are hiring an entire company for fast and efficient service, rather than the technician alone. That is why we base our labor charges on industry standards for each individual type of repair.

If repairs become necessary due to defective parts, the parts will be charged in addition to the service charge and labor.

Lake Appliance Repair will only use brand new Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. You can feel secure knowing that we will not cut any corners by installing aftermarket or rebuilt parts in your appliance. 

If parts are unavailable or backordered and the only option is to use aftermarket or rebuilt parts, we may present that option to you, but please know that we cannot guarantee the quality or longevity of these parts. Therefore, the labor and parts warranty would be limited to one week. 

At Lake Appliance Repair, customer satisfaction is our top concern. We stand by our work and to prove it we offer the following warranty on our services:

  • 5 Years on Non-electronic Parts (warranty valid for parts we supply and install, unless specifically noted).
  • 1 Year Labor (This length of warranty is nearly unheard of in our industry. We provide this so you can feel confident in your repair investment).
  • 30 Days on Service Call.

*Applies only when you have paid us directly, otherwise your warranty is only the duration of the warranty you have with the manufacturer and/or extended warranty company.

Convenient Scheduling Options

What Am I Paying For?


So our technicians can drive their service vehicles from job to job.

Service Vehicles

Our fleet is never more than 5 years old. We will arrive in a clean sign written vehicle, licensed and insured.


In the event that we make a mistake and cause damage, you can feel confident we have you protected.

Employee Benefits

Happy Technicians make for the best technicians. That’s why we provide a great Retirement and Medical package in addition to vacation and sick paid time off.

Technician Training

We believe in sending qualified technicians to your home. Continued education is very important for our technicians’ careers.


Each technician carries hundreds of tools, from moving blankets to sealed system vacuum pumps. We have what is needed to get the job done.

Mobile Technology

Our company uses industry-specialized software on new tablets so our office has up to the minute information on your service appointments. You can track your technician and get paperless invoices.

Legal & Taxes

Our small business requires legal council, professional accountants, and advisors to ensure we stay within the tax codes.


This includes our website, surveying, blogging, reputation management, and much more to ensure strong communication and allow for continued improvement.

Office Building

Our dedicated Customer Service Managers, Parts Teams, and Accounting Department come into our office to support the daily operations of the company.