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The foundations of Penryn began in 1864, when Welsh immigrant Griffith Griffith established a granite quarry on the land which now constitutes the city.

In Welsh, the word penrhyn translates to headland or cape, and was the name of the Welsh slate quarry where Griffith originally worked as a child. Together with Edwin Bryant Crocker (later known for the Crocker Art Museum), Griffith decided to drop the “h” from the original Welsh spelling, and settled on the name Penryn.

The name was “set in stone” in 1871, when Penryn was designated as a voting precinct by Placer County.

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Penryn is a census-designated place (CDP) in placer County, CA covering an area of roughly 1.8 square miles. The residential population of Penryn was 831 during the 2010 census. Despite its relatively small size and population, the city is one of the most attractive areas to live in Placer County due to its beautiful scenery, exceptional schools, wide array of entertainment and events, and all-around high quality of living.

Penryn is a one-of-a-kind city, featuring majestic landscapes, fine dining, and fun outdoor activities like disc golf and water sports. We are dedicated to helping the community with any and all Penryn Appliance Repair needs.