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We know how busy life gets—that’s why Lake Appliance Repair Loomis Ca 95650 is committed to providing you hassle-free service backed by a full 1-year warranty on work we perform. It is important to have a reliable company to turn to if something needs to be repaired. Let us bring your broken appliance back to life and get your household or business back on track.

Part of our commitment to you is to be available when you need us. That’s why our home appliance repair service is open for 60 hours every week no matter if you need fast refrigerator repair or last-minute cooktop repair. We service home appliances from 7am to 6pm on most days and from 9am to 3pm on Saturdays. Planning to repair your appliance yourself? No problem. One of our techs can deliver the parts to your doorstep (in most areas). Call us and let us know how we can help!

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Most Common Problems We Fix

Refrigerator Not Cooling

While there can be many reasons your refrigerator isn’t cold, try cleaning your condenser coils first. Use an appliance brush and vacuum hose to remove lint, hair, and dust to improve air flow.

Oven Won’t Heat

Electric ovens use a radiant element that glows red during operation and heats the oven cavity. Inspect the element for holes, breaks, or damage from food particles or spills. Replace the element if you find signs of damage.

Washer Not Spinning

If your washer isn’t spinning, it may not actually be broken. First, check to make sure that it’s not being powered using an extension cord. Then inspect your load to see if it’s unbalanced, and readjust your items so the weight is more evenly distributed.

Dryer Not Drying

Clear, efficient airflow is the key to an effective dryer. Start by cleaning your dryer air filter, and make sure the venting behind the unit isn’t constricted. Also, inspect your external dryer vents and clean out any built-up lint you find to improve airflow.