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At Lake Appliance Repair, we are experts in dryer repair and maintenance. Whether it is a critical problem or a small issue, we can help you to get your dryer working like new. Our dryer repair Sacramento technicians are prompt, reliable, and friendly with an average of 15 years experience. Call Lake Appliance Repair for fast, quality service at competitive rates.

There are few things more frustrating than running a load of laundry in the washer only to realize that your dryer isn’t working. So before you start hanging clothes to dry, call the leading Sacramento Dryer Repair Specialists today!

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If your dryer takes too long to dry clothes, two of the first things we recommend checking are the lint screen and dryer vent. Clogs in your dryer vent or lint screen can lead to excessive dry times. Clean lint from the trap after each cycle and wash it with soap and water periodically if you use dryer sheets often. Have Lake Appliance Repair clean your dryer vents once or twice a yeart to prevent clogs.
A squeaky dryer can become annoying fast. There are several possible solutions for a noisy dryer, some of which you can possibly fix yourself. Others will require a professional dryer repair Sacramento expert. Faulty parts include loose screws or blower wheel; worn out drum bearing, drive belt, or drum glides; or an unlevel dryer.
  • Dryer not spinning
  • Dryer not heating up
  • Dryer takes too long
  • Dryer not completing cycle
  • Dryer smells like burning
  • Dryer is noisy
  • Dryer won’t dry all the way
  • Dryer won’t spin/tumble
  • Dryer won’t start

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Lake Appliance Repair is factory authorized for dryer repair Sacrameneto work on many major and high-end brands. Our team of experts is certified by the manufacturer to repair your dryer. We participate in continuous training and receive technical support straight from the manufacturer. This helps ensure you receive the best possible service on your particular brand.

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Our Dryer Repair Work Is Guaranteed!

At Lake Appliance Repair, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our service is backed by a 1-year warranty on labor and a 5-year warranty on non-electronic parts, and all of our trucks arrive fully stocked with the most common failed dryer parts. We often complete the repair in as little as one trip.

Have another appliance on the fritz? Learn more about our Sacramento appliance repair services. We know your time and money are valuable, and we don’t take your trust for granted.

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