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Your trash is starting to pile up, so you go to turn on your trusty trash compactor and… nothing happens. Bummer! Now you’ve got to spend your day searching for the best trash compactor repair Reno NV service. Thrilling, we know.

Don’t stress! Lake Appliance Repair can find an appointment that fits with your schedule. Our Reno trash compactor repair techs can diagnose and repair the problem fast. Often in as little as one trip.

Our techs offer trash compactor repair in Reno, complete with a full inspection. With an average of 15 years of experience, our techs are knowledgeable and qualified to repair all your appliance repair needs! We repair all major appliance brands as well.

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Trash Compactor Repair in Reno NV – Common Problems

While they are small, trash compactors are one of the handiest, hard-working appliances in the kitchen. When you notice your trash compactor not working, it can really throw off your routine.

At Lake Appliance Repair, we service all the most popular trash compactor brands and models. Whether your trash compactor won’t start or your trash compactor makes noise, call us. Our Reno trash compactor repair techs can diagnose and fix the problem fast.

We repair all common trash compactor problems, including:

  • Trash compactor won’t start
  • Trash compactor making loud noise
  • Trash compactor won’t stop
  • Trash compactor drawer won’t open
  • Trash compactor not working
  • Trash compactor broken

If you have a trash compactor not starting issue, it can be frustrating. Nobody wants trash overflowing out of the bin, right? Then call Lake Appliance Repair for fast Reno trash compactor repair services. We will perform a full inspection, diagnosis, and repair. Often in as little as one visit!

  • Trash compactor start switch defective
  • Trash compactor safety switch failure
  • Trash compactor door switch broken
  • Trash compactor drive motor defective

If you notice that your trash compactor making loud noises, something needs to be repaired more than likely. If you hear loud banging, whining, or grinding sounds, it may be time to call in a professional. Our Reno trash compactor repair techs can diagnose and repair this common problem fast. We carry all the most common trash compactor repair parts on our service vehicles so you don’t have to wait weeks for repairs.

  • Trash compactor trunnion nut dry
  • Trash compactor drive gear loose
  • Trash compactor gearbox damaged
  • Trash compactor drive chain loose

It’s great having an eager appliance that works hard. However, when you have a trash compactor not turning off problem on your hands, that’s another story. Call Lake Appliance Repair for reliable trash compactor repair Reno service today. We’ll get your unit back in working order fast.

  • Trash compactor directional switch failure
  • Trash compactor start switch defective
  • Trash compactor drive motor broken

If your trash compactor drawer won’t open or is stuck, there’s not much compacting you can do! Kind of defeats the whole purpose of this handy appliance, right? Luckily, the experienced trash compactor repair Reno technicians can help. We provide fast, affordable trash compactor repair near you so you don’t have to wait around with a bunch of stinky garbage.

  • Trash compactor door latch broken
  • Trash compactor drive chain broken
  • Trash compactor trunnion nut defective
  • Trash compactor foot pedal damaged

Trash compactors need to be cleaned periodically in order to stay in tip-top shape. Routine cleaning also helps prevent damage or failures down the road. So, how to clean a trash compactor? It’s not that bad!

First, unplug the trash compactor. Remove the trash bag and remove any large food bits or other debris. Next, spray a mixture of warm soapy water into the bin and let sit up to 10 minutes. Use a damp rag to wipe off the soap then go back over it with a dry rag to prevent any standing moisture. Place a new bag inside and you’re all set!

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