Things to Do With Kids in Reno, NV

In the digital world that we live, it can often be difficult to convince children to go play outside and visit places. After all, kids have a lot of choices when it comes to indoor entertainment these days. They have televisions, video games, and other interesting things on the web to keep them occupied. Therefore, getting them away from their technological devices can be arduous, to say the least. However, you, as a parent, should encourage your kids to go outside by taking them out to fun places.

Lake’s Favorite Things to Do in Reno with Kids

Are you looking for fun, interesting things to do with your kids in Reno, NV? If so, you have come to the right place. Reno, NV has numerous places and attractions that can keep your kids occupied for hours! There are also wonderful kid parks in Reno! Without wasting any time, here are some of the things family friendly activities you can do with your children in Reno, NV.

Sierra Safari Zoo Day For Kids

If you want your kids to see exotic animals, the Sierra Safari Zoo is an excellent choice. The zoo was established by 3 men, Jimmie Martin, Dale McDaniel, and Dave Dawson in 1990. Fast forward to the present, the zoo is now the largest zoo in Nevada and is home to over 200 animals of over 40 species. Some of the animals you can see there include camels, lions, tigers, lemurs, zebras, and cavies etc. Visiting the Sierra Safari Zoo is one of the best things to do with kids in Reno.
things to do in reno with kids

Museums In Reno For Kids

Although Reno is not exactly the biggest city around, it does have a wide variety of museums. But, what about museums for kids? Are there museums that can help keep your children occupied for hours? Well, there are. You can take your kids to The Fleischmann Planetarium. The museum hosts a wide variety of astronomy seminars and exhibits. In addition to that, The Fleischmann Planetarium also shows ¨full-dome¨ IMAX movies. If you have children with you, it would be criminal of you to not take them to The Discovery museum. The museum is a celebration of the nature, science, and weather of the Silver State. Your kids can learn a great deal about the early pioneers, study archeology, and create their own farm or ranch. In addition to that, they can also build different art and structures while learning more about intellectuals such as Leonardo Da Vinci. The place also offers fishing areas, areas for camping, and gives visitors a chance to meet Northern Nevada´s wildlife. We are certain that your kids will have the time of their lives in The Discovery.

Circus Circus Reno Kids Day

We would also recommend you to visit Circus Circus Reno Kids Day with your family and kids. The place does not lack in the entertainment department. Both you and your children can enjoy playing games such as Pixel Play and Whac-a-Mole. Circus Circus Reno also hosts several circus shows and carnival midway acts. Therefore, if your kids love watching acrobats, artists, and clowns perform, you should take them to Circus Circus Reno. The place boasts of entertainment activities and amenities that can keep both you and your children entertained for hours!

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