Best Parks in Reno, NV

Although Reno is not exactly the biggest city around, it does have its fair share of public areas and parks. If you live in Reno, NV, you’re probably well aware of all it has to offer outdoors. There’s no shortage of hiking trails, wilderness areas, kayaking parks, and public areas for you to host family gatherings and picnics in Reno, NV. There is something for everyone in the city. Without beating about the bush any further, here are the best parks in Reno, NV.

Lake’s Picks for Best Parks in Reno

Best Reno Park With Playground

best parks in reno nv Are you looking for parks that have playgrounds in Reno? We think that the Rancho San Rafael Park is the best Reno Park with playground. Spread over hundreds of acres of land, the park is the biggest and largest park in the city. Rancho San Rafael Park has a host of amenities including jogging areas, a humongous dog park, special event pavilions, and playgrounds! It also helps that there is plenty of free parking throughout the park. If you love your plants and flowers, you will not be disappointed with this park as it has one of the widest ranges of flora in the Reno area. There are plenty of attractions for the kids as well. Some of them include the Great Basin Adventure, a petting zoo, a nature discovery center, and a flume ride etc. Did we mention that the park has a playground too?

Best Reno Park For Hiking

Although Reno boasts of numerous Reno hiking trails for both novice and experienced hikers, we are of the opinion that the Hunter Creek trail is the best. Why do we rate the Hunter Creek trail highly? Well, it has a waterfall! In addition to that, the Hunter Creek trail also offers magnificent views of the Downtown Reno skyline, Hunter Creek, pine trees and cottonwood, flowers and colorful rocks etc. Although Hunter Creek is technically a trail, it can be considered a park too due to its close proximity to Downtown.

Best Reno Park With Bike Trails

paved bike trails in reno If you are looking for a park with paved bike trails in Reno, you should look no further than the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. The bike trail runs from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake in the Nevada desert. Along the way, you also come across the Truckee River and get to see Downtown Reno. In addition to that, the bike trail also passes through numerous parks such as Barbara Bennett Park and Rock Park etc. The trail descends over 2,000 feet in 116 miles.

Best Park For A Picnic

If you are looking for a park where you can enjoy a wonderful picnic with the family, you should head to Wingfield Park. The Wingfield Park is one of the best parks in Reno and it is situated a few steps from the Downtown casinos. One of the biggest features of this park is its access to the Truckee River. The park includes numerous amenities including basketball courts, walking and bike trails, a public amphitheater, and, of course, picnic tables and benches etc.

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