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Sub-Zero refrigerators and coolers and some of the best products available today. So if yours isn’t working, you don’t want just anyone fixing. You need someone with experience to take care of your valued appliance — someone like one of our Sub-Zero repair Napa technicians!

Our techs are highly trained and certified to fix all types of Sub-Zero models, including refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice makers. If you need Sub-Zero repair in Napa, we’ll send a professional technician to diagnose and fix the problem, often in as little as one trip, because we know how important it is to get your appliance back up and running fast.

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Why choose Lake Appliance for you Sub-Zero Repair Napa needs?

  • Sub-Zero repairs in as little as one trip
  • Pre-screen appointments to pinpoint Sub-Zero repair issues in advance
  • Continuous training on Sub-Zero technology and updates
  • Professional, friendly customer service
  • Real-time communication between our techs and office staff
pro 48 sub-zero refrigerator repair napa

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About Sub-Zero Repair Napa Services

At Lake Appliance Repair, we’re proud to offer the best Sub-Zero repair Napa services in the area. We understand that keeping your Sub-Zero refrigerator working at its optimal level is of utmost importance, and we take that very seriously. Our Napa Sub-Zero repair technicians take every precaution to treat your appliance with the best care possible.

We are happy to help you with any repair on any type of Sub-Zero refrigeration unit. From refrigerated drawers to the Pro-48, we can have the knowledge and experience to service any Sub-Zero repair in Napa. Being the best Sub-Zero appliance repair Napa company, we are able to fix a wide range of problems including Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling, Sub-Zero wine storage not working, and much much more.

Sub-Zero has some of the most amazing appliances around, and their Pro 48 refrigerator is no exception. It’s almost like a statue dedicated to food right in your kitchen! And if something goes wrong, this colossal refrigerator needs an experienced technician to get it right the first time. Lake appliance is your go-to company for any Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator repair Napa needs. No job is too big for our Sub-Zero Napa repairmen. Some of the Pro 48 problems we fix include:

  • Sub-Zero refrigerator door won’t close
  • Sealed system failure on Sub-Zero Pro 48
  • Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling

Quite the opposite of the Pro 48, Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators blend in seamlessly with the walls. These beautifully inconspicuous units are a great investment, but if something goes wrong, you definitely want to get it fixed right away. From problems such as refrigerator leaking water to refrigerator compressor issues, our Sub-Zero repair Napa techs can fix it all! We stay up-to-date with all the latest advances from this high-end brand and are able to service all makes and models of Sub-Zero integrated refrigerators:

  • Sub-Zero Column Refrigerators
  • Sub-Zero Over-And-Under Refrigerators
  • Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerators

napa sub-zero repair integrated refrigeration

Sub-Zero has mastered the art of refrigeration. Their built-in refrigerators are perfect cohesive kitchen designs, fitting in with whatever type of cabinetry you may have. You undoubtedly want only the best to care of your appliance. If you’re in need of Sub-Zero repair Napa services on you built-in refrigerator, call us to get it fixed fast. We handle all sorts of failures, from Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling to Sub-Zero refrigerator runs constantly. Our technicians are able to come to your home to fix all Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator configurations:

  • Side-By-Side Built-In Sub-Zero Refrigerator
  • Over-and-Under Built-In Sub-Zero Refrigerator
  • French Door Built-In Sub-Zero Refrigerator
  • Column Built-In Sub-Zero Refrigerator

built in refrigerator sub-zero repair napa

Refrigerators aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. Sub-Zero undercounter refrigeration lets you have all your favorite snacks and beverages wherever you need them — in your office, your game room, or even outside. When problems with these ultra-handy units do arise, call Lake Appliance Repair Napa to help you out. Whether your undercounter Sub-Zero refrigerator isn’t cooling or the undercounter refrigerator light isn’t working, we can repair that and more. Our techs are happy to service all types of Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator repair Napa needs. We repair all function and feature types:

  • All Freezer Undercounter Sub-Zero
  • Internal Ice Maker Sub-Zero Undercounter
  • Refrigerator & Freezer Undercounter Sub-Zero
  • All Refrigerator Sub-Zero Undercounter
  • Outdoor Undercounter Sub-Zero Refrigerator


Sub-Zero wine storage/coolers are a must have for any wine enthusiast. With several different makes and models, you can virtually customize wine storage for your specific needs. However, a faulty wine cooler can actually do harm to its contents, so you’ll want to act fast. Our Sub-Zero repair Napa technicians know all there is to know about fixing your broken wine cooler. We routinely fix problems like wine cooler won’t cool, wine cooler door won’t close, or wine cooler light won’t turn off. We are fully equipped to quickly diagnose the problem and make any repairs to all Sub-Zero Wine Storage configurations:

  • Column Sub-Zero Wine Cooler
  • Over-and-Under Sub-Zero Wine Cooler
  • Undercounter Sub-Zero Wine Cooler


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