Appliance Maintenance Plans

Prevent repairs and keep your appliances running like new! 

Avoid an appliance breakdown and have Lake Appliance Repair calibrate and fully test your kitchen and laundry appliances.

Bundle appliances and save up to $250 on maintenance!

Whole House Maintenance

Approximate Time: 4 Hours
$ 750
  • Everything in Refrigerator Maintenance Plan
  • Everything in Oven Maintenance Plan
  • Everything in Dishwasher Maintenance Plan
  • Everything in Washer & Dryer Maintenance Plan
Save $250!

Kitchen Maintenance Bundle

Approximate Time: 3 Hours
$ 600
  • Everything in Refrigerator Maintenance Plan
  • Everything in Oven Maintenance Plan
  • Everything in Dishwasher Maintenance Plan
Save $150!

Refrigerator maintenance

Approximate Time: 60-90 Minutes
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Check and properly adjust the thermostat and air dampers
  • Check the automatic defrost cycle
  • Check door seals for air leaks
  • Clean the defrost evaporation pan
  • Check the defrost drain for blockage and leaks
  • Level the cabinet
  • Check the ice dispenser (if applicable) for proper operation
  • Check the water dispenser (if applicable) for proper water flow
  • Inspect the electrical system

Oven & Range maintenance

Approximate Time: 45-60 Minutes
  • Test supply for leaks and bubble test regulator and safety valve [if accessible]
  • Bake Broil Electronic Ignition And Operation
  • Air/Fuel Ratio And Mixture, Adjust If Necessary
  • Safety Valve Resistance And Operation
  • Door Seal/Gasket For Leaks
  • Door Hinge Operation
  • Self-Clean Latch And Mechanism Functions As Designed
  • Temperatures Of Bake And Broil And Calibrate Through Module Or Thermostat If Applicable.
  • Electronic Control Operation, Identify All Circuits Working Correctly
  • All Surface Burners Or Elements Are Cycling From High To Low And Functioning Correctly
  • All Fan Operations, Convection And Cooling Fans
  • All Electrical Connections That Are Accessible


Approximate Time: 30-60 Minutes
  • Check D/W is installed properly and leveled
  • Inspect door seal for wear & tear
  • Inspect spray arms for any cracks & clogs
  • Verify water valve operation
  • Verify circulation motor operation using cup test
  • Verify correct amp draw during the heating cycle
  • Verify drain operation
  • Inspect drain installation (air gap, high loop, straight into disposal)
  • Add an Affresh tablet and run dishwasher through clean cycle.

Washer & Dryer maintenance

Approximate Time: 45-75 Minutes
  • Inspect belts, hoses, rubber seals, bellows, and all "wear and tear" parts
  • Run diagnostics on all functions including fill, spin, and drain
  • Check washer for leaks
  • Clean out drain trap if needed
  • Ensure that the machine is level with the ground
  • Inspect electrical systems and secure any loose connections
  • Clean washer with an Affresh Washer Cleaner tablet
  • Check internal temperatures to verify heat cycles on and off correctly
  • Inspect tumbler, wear bearings, felts, drum belt, idler pulley, and support rollers for wear and tear
  • Inspect electrical systems and secure loose connections
  • Check airflow and ensure the exhaust vent is not bent or obstructed*
  • Open the dryer and vacuum out all lint and debris
  • Make sure the dryer is level with the ground