Appliance Repair Concord

So you’ve wound up surfing the web for the best appliance repair company in Concord. That probably means you’re not having the greatest day since you obviously have an appliance that isn’t working. We get it. A broken appliance will ruin your day fast. But you’re here, so let Lake Appliance Repair turn your day around with fast, affordable appliance repair Concord services.

We are Concord’s leading appliance repair technicians! We can get your appliance up and running fast. We’ve experienced and fixed just about every appliance repair Concord issue out there. From oven won’t heat to refrigerator leaks water, we’ve seen it — more than once. Our technicians are factory authorized and trained on leading brands such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, JennAir, Samsung, and LG. We repair most major appliances in Concord including Refrigerators, Ovens, Stoves, Dishwashers, Washers, and Dryers.

Quality Service Near you

We promise to provide the best quality work and appliance repair service in Concord, CA.

Because we know all too well how stressful a broken appliance can be, our technicians and customer service agents provide top-of-the-line service every time. We will inspect your appliance completely, diagnose the problem and fix it often all in the same visit. You can feel at ease with your decision to use Lake Appliance Repair of Concord.

Ready to have your life back and be rid of appliance problems. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment online. We’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

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Expert Appliance Repair for Leading Brands

There’s no need to search for a repair company that specializes in your brand because you’ve already found us!

Lake Appliance Repair is second-to-none when it comes to fixing brands like Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Sub-Zero, GE, JennAir, and more.

Concord Appliance Repair Services

If you have an appliance repair Concord issue, we’ve got your answer. We fix all major household appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, washers, and dryers.

There’s no problem too big or too small for our trained technicians!

Common Refrigerator Problems

We fix all the most common refrigerator repair problems, and the not-so-common ones too. Our refrigerator repair Concord techs work on all major brands that are having any or all of these issues:

  • Refrigerator not cooling
  • Refrigerator leaking
  • Refrigerator ice maker not working
  • Refrigerator water dispenser not working
  • Refrigerator not defrosting
  • Refrigerator freezer cold but refrigerator warm
  • Learn more about our Concord refrigerator repair services.

Types of Refrigerators We Fix

  • Top Freezer Refrigerators
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
  • Column Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerators
  • French Door Refrigerators
  • Refrigerated drawers
  • Counter-Depth Refrigerators
  • Refrigerator Ice Makers & Water Dispensers
  • Wine Coolers & Ice Makers

Common Kitchen Appliance Problems

A broken kitchen appliance is no fun. We repair all large kitchen appliances in Concord including ovens, cooktops/stoves, ranges, and dishwashers.Our techs deal with these common appliance repair issues every day:

  • Oven not heating
  • Oven fan won’t turn on
  • Oven doesn’t bake evenly
  • Oven temperature not accurate
  • Range burners spark
  • Cooktop won’t ignite
  • Stove won’t turn off
  • Dishwasher not drying dishes

Types of Ovens & Ranges We Fix

  • Slide-in Ranges
  • Freestanding Ranges
  • Built-in Ovens
  • Gas Ovens & Ranges
  • Electric Oven & Ranges
  • Steam Ovens
  • Conventional & Convection Ovens

Common Laundry Appliance Problems

Washer and dryer problems are a real inconvenience. Our Sacramento appliance technicians can get your washing machine and dryer fixed fast. We work on all common repair problems including:

Doing the laundry may not be your favorite thing to do, but when your washer or dryer is broken, you definitely miss them. If you need dryer repair or washer repair in Concord, we’re  here to help. The most common laundry repair issues we see are:

  • Dryer won’t heat
  • Dryer won’t stop
  • Dryer takes too long to dry clothes
  • Dryer makes loud noise
  • Washer won’t drain
  • Washer making loud noise
  • Washer won’t start
  • Washer lid won’t lock
  • Washer won’t agitate

Washer & Dryer Types

  • Electric Dryers
  • Gas Dryers
  • Front Load Washers
  • Traditional/Top Load Washers
  • Stacked Washer & Dryer Sets

Why Choose Lake Appliance Repair Concord?

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