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We’re Proud to Be a Woman-Owned and Operated Business

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Until recent years, the appliance repair industry was much like James Brown’s famous hit song. It was a man’s world, but as the song says, it’s nothing without a woman or a girl! That’s why we’re proud that Lake Appliance Repair has broken the mold as a woman-owned and operated company.

How We Became a Woman-Owned and Operated Company

Our owner, Krystle McConnell, has spent nearly two decades working in the appliance repair industry. After several years of working for another repair company, Krystle and her husband Scott decided to co-found their own appliance repair business. And so in 2005, our company began life as Folsom Lake Appliance, servicing a relatively small area with only two technicians on staff.

Under Krystle’s leadership, our business has since grown and expanded exponentially over the past 15 years. We changed our name to Lake Appliance Repair and now employ more than 30 technicians servicing areas across five states including California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii.

As one of the few women-owned companies in the appliance repair industry, we take pride in our continued growth and success. Our goal is to stand as an example to more female entrepreneurs to join us and help women become better represented in traditionally male-dominated industries.

woman-owned and operated company

Challenges as a Female-Led Company

Today, we see more opportunities and fewer barriers to leadership positions in business for women. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still challenges and outdated attitudes to overcome for some though.

Recent studies have shown that there are still many challenges and hurdles that affect women business owners as opposed to their male counterparts. Some of these barriers include social and cultural stigmas, maternity and family needs, and work experience in positions that were once exclusive to men only.

The tide is turning though thanks to the example set by successful female business owners like our own Krystle McConnell. Today, there are more woman-owned and operated business than ever before, and we hope to serve as inspiration for more to follow!

Our Commitment to Equality

We’re proud to lead the way as one of the largest female-owned businesses in our field, but that’s only part of our commitment to equality. Here at Lake Appliance Repair, we seek to empower women as employees and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in our field.

One of our goals is to add more female repair technicians to our team. We encourage anyone interested in a job with our company to apply for a position today! We look forward to filling our roster of technicians with more women in the near future.

Our company wouldn’t have the success that we do without our valued customers though. We thank you for your support, and we look forward to continued growth thanks to the hard work and dedication of the amazing women here at Lake Appliance Repair!

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