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Whirlpool Washer With Built-In Water Faucet Review

whirlpool washer with built-in faucet review

When we heard that Whirlpool was releasing a new washer with a built-in faucet, we jumped for joy!

I mean, maybe this isn’t exciting news for those of you with a sink in your laundry room, but for the majority of us with small, simple laundry rooms this feature is a BIG deal.

Any parent with a messy toddler or active preteen will appreciate the ability to rinse off big spills before starting the load. And all of you active outdoors types will love how convenient it is to rinse and pre soak your stained sports uniforms and hiking gear.

Here’s what you need to know about the Whirlpool washer with built-in water faucet.

whirlpool washer with built in water faucet review

Features on the Whirlpool Washer with Built-In Faucet

It’s got a built-in faucet 🙂

As the name of the product suggests, the Whirlpool washer boasts a built-in faucet. This gives you easy access to an instant water stream to rinse away loose soils. Now you can comfortably and conveniently pre wash your clothes and other items right in the washer.

Intuitive touch controls

No more guesswork when it comes to choosing your washer cycle. Whirlpool’s faucet bearing washer features intuitive touch controls that help users take care of their washing needs easily.

The initiative touch controls help you choose the right cycle combinations to ensure that your clothes get the wash they need. Plus, you can customize up to 26 of your own cycle combinations to meet your specific needs.

Deep water wash option

Tired of your HE machine restricting your water-level? If so, you’re going to love the Whirlpool washer with built-in faucet. The deep water wash option fills your washer to the maximum water level for your load, facilitating the complete removal of loose soils.

Active bloom wash action

The Whirlpool washer’s active bloom wash action is a trademarked feature. This special wash technology scrutinizes the size of your load and then adapts the wash actions and water levels to ensure the most thorough clean.

Other features

The Whirlpool washer has been expertly designed to help give your clothes more space to move. The product also features vanes and a seamless surface to move closed from the outer rim towards the center for a more thorough clean.

The smooth wave stainless steel wash basket makes sure that your fabrics don’t suffer damage from snags and fraying.

We hope this Whirlpool washer with built-in faucet review helps you make an informed decision when purchasing a new washer.

Ready to purchase this machine? Find more information about Whirlpool washer model # WTW7500GW here.

Need help with your Whirlpool washer repair? Give us a call for fast service.

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