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When Is The Best Time To Buy New Appliances?

When is the best time to buy?

When is the best time to buy apliance
So you’ve held out the past five years on finally ditching that old appliance and buying a new one, but you know you can’t hold out forever. Our first and foremost, number one, never fail rule is…..Absolutely no impulse buys, period. That is the best way to wind up wishing you hadn’t blown all that cash.

Do your research. Know the pros and cons of what you are looking at. Think about it. Sleep on it. Lastly, look at our list and see when you are going to find the best deals.

  • September, October, and January-This is when new models typically hit the floors and old stock is marked down to make way.
  • Holidays-Retailers aren’t above taking advantage of your day off with good sales to reel you on in rather than you spending your day doing something actually fun.
  • Fall and winter-The last thing you want to think about when it’s snowing is a new air conditioner or gas grill, but keep in mind this is a good time to find deals on appliances that typically don’t move when they aren’t in season.
  • Mid April-Not everyone is a go-getter when it comes to tax time. Some of us just put it off. April is a good time to find a tax refund sale.
  • Last day of the month-Sales people need to meet monthly quotas. Take advantage of them.
  • Thursdays-Strange but true. Stores are less crowded before the weekend rush and better stocked. Take a sick day and go shopping.

If you are lucky enough to live in Massachusetts, for the past six years or so the governor has signed a bill to include a tax-free weekend to boost the economy. You may not be so lucky, but never forget to haggle. There is nothing to lose by trying to talk down your sales person. Also, think about applying for a store credit card. You often get a deep discount just for applying. Many stores occasionally even offer a period of no finance charge if you buy with their store card. Take every advantage.

If you just aren’t up to taking the plunge and think your #appliances have some life left in them, call us for some repairs.

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