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What’s The Difference Between a Slide-In Range and Freestanding Range?

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If you’ve been surfing the web for a new range for your kitchen, you may have noticed there are a few different types — slide-in ranges and freestanding ranges. Many of them have similar features, so what exactly is the difference between a slide-in range and freestanding range? Much of it has to do with style, but there are also some functionality differences as well. Take a look:

Difference Between a Slide-In Range and Freestanding Range

Slide-In Range

If you’re looking for a more stylish and built-in look, slide-in ranges are the way to go. Slide-in ranges feature stove and oven controls on the front of the unit, eliminating the need for a backguard. This allows you to display your tile backsplash behind your unit, giving it a more seamless look in your kitchen.

Difference Between a Slide-In Range and Freestanding Range

Another benefit of slide-in ranges is that they are easier to clean. They are typically a couple of inches wider on top, therefore overlapping the countertop. This prevents crumbs and spills from falling in between the countertop and the range.

Freestanding Range

Freestanding ranges are the more traditional style found more often than slide-in ranges. Freestanding units typically feature a backguard that displays the oven and stove controls. While they don’t have the seamless look of slide-in ranges, they allow for more freedom of installation. With finished sides, it can stand on its own or in between cabinets.

freestanding range

Freestanding ranges cost less, even compared to slide-in ranges with comparable features. There is a much wider variety of freestanding ranges, as well.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Here is an example of each of type of range from GE in order to compare and contrast the differences between slide-in and freestanding ranges.

GE Café™ Series 30″ Slide-In Convection Range

  • Price: $2,799 MSRP
  • Burner Type: Radiant Smoothtop
  • Front oven & stove controls (no backguard)
  • Firth element cooking and warming zone
  • Baking drawer (lower oven, 1.0 cu. ft.)


GE Profile™ Series 30″ Free-Standing Convection Range

  • Price: $1,999 MSRP
  • Burner type: Induction
  • Backguard with electronic touch controls
  • Synchronized elements (control two elements at once)
  • Fifth element warming zone


In summary, if you’re debating between a new freestanding or slide-in range, this is what you need to consider:

Is ease of cleaning and built-in appearance most important? If so, you’re better off with a slide-in range.

Or is ease of installation and price most important? In this case, you’ll be more happy with a freestanding range.

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