What is Wrong With My Oven?

Let’s face it. No appliance issue can leave us scratching our heads quite like a broken oven or stove. Those days of pitching some firewood in the old cast iron are long gone. Now we have knobs, switches, buttons, wires, elements and, well, you get the idea.

Yes, definitely the modern cooking appliance has made life much, much simpler when it comes to making dinner, but when you find yourself troubleshooting a poorly working stove, the game changes.

Have an oven that is giving you fits? It could be any number of things:

  • The broil element found at the top of your oven
  • The bake element at the bottom (where 90% of the baking heat comes from)
  • The temperature sensor on the rear wall of your oven
  • The electronic control board
  • If it is a gas oven, the safety valve
  • And again, if it is gas, the igniter has failed
oven not heating

Your stove top leave you with cold chills? It could be:

  • Again the fuse
  • A frayed power cord, or any number of frayed wires for that matter
  • If you have, say one burner, then element issues
  • Burner control switch
  • Loose or unhooked wires

It is probably best to leave a non working oven or range top in the hands of a professional if you are no handyman or have very limited experience working with appliances. You want hot meals again soon, and you want your house and sanity both in one piece most certainly.

Did you know that Lake Appliance Repair will meet your repair needs? With over 25 years experience, our staff has amazing expertise in over 50 different appliance brands. Not to mention your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and backed by an extensive warranty.

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