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What is the best dryer to buy?


LG Dryer WinnerIn the world of major home appliances, dryers are like the comedian Rodney Dangerfield; they get no respect.  Consumers tend to invest a significantly larger amount of time and energy researching the perfect washer, then almost as an afterthought, they purchase the matching dryer without any investigation into its functions, features, or performance.  This is a big mistake.  Clothes dryers offer just as many important options and levels of effectiveness as any other home appliance.  Since this is such a common misstep, we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you; the best dryer to buy in our eyes is the LG DLGX/DLEX (gas or electric) series of dryers.

The Best Dryer to Buy – LG DLGX or LG DLEX

LG’s entry into the clothes dryers market has been very impressive.  Their entire range of dryers offer wonderful features, quiet operation, and stylish, yet understated appearance.  In fact, LG dryers are optimal if you’re dead set on purchasing a matching washer and dryer, as LG’s washers are equally outstanding, and their dryers’ circular window in the front makes it almost identical to its front-loading washing machine counterpart.  With 7.3 cubic feet of capacity, their dryers can handle remarkably large loads, saving you time and energy.  LG has also made an effort to minimize noise coming from these dryers with their LoDecibel Quiet System.  Steps to reduce noise include a one-piece cabinet structure so there is less to rattle around as a cycle gets going, and a direct drive motor to cut down on vibration.  We think noise reduction, when it is done right, is a truly delightful improvement, and will be among the most noticeable upgrades from your old dryer.

The LG DLGX/DLEX series dryers also offer nine different drying programs, many of which use steam in creative and useful ways.  The first of these uses LG’s TrueSteam™ Technology, which generates real steam to reduce wrinkles and odors, and practically eliminates the need for ironing.  Late for the party and no time to iron your favorite outfit?  The SteamFresh™ Cycle refreshes, and reduces wrinkles in up to five garments at a time with one 20-minute dryer cycle.  Ever wished that you had a decent way to clean your throw pillows or your children’s toys?  With LG’s SteamSanitary™ Cycle, you can!  It uses steam to safely clean and sanitize items marked as non-washable.  And what’s worse than pulling your clothes out of the dryer and finding they’re still damp? LG’s Sensor Dry™ system measures the moisture levels during the cycle, and automatically adjusts the drying time to help ensure you get dry laundry every time.

Utilizing all of these cool new features is made easy through the addition of a super-bright LED display interface, making programming the heating cycles a snap.  Indicator lights show when something goes wrong, such as vent blockage and remaining moisture in a load.  There’s even a SmartDiagnosis™ feature, which helps LG’s service center diagnose problems over the phone, or with a simple app on your smart phone, helping you minimize costly service calls.  We love all of the great customer service offered by LG, especially their live chat option. This company makes it very easy to get answers about its products.

The only cons to purchasing one of LG’s newest dryers are the slightly higher purchase price than comparable units from other brands, and that some cycles take a long time to run through.  Other than that, we have no complaints.  We are thoroughly impressed by the comprehensive controls, bright LED display, and the overall design and performance of LG’s DLGX/DLEX dryers.  You should definitely take LG’s laundry products heavily into consideration when purchasing new units for your home. They definitely have the best dryer to buy.

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