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What Brand Appliance Should I Buy?


Probably the most common question we get asked by our customers is, “What brand of appliance should I buy?”  The truth is, this question used to be a lot easier to answer in decades past.  Home appliances today are much more complex and technologically advanced than they used to be.  Over time, the government has implemented strictly defined regulations and requirements in regards to energy efficiency and consumption for all new units being produced.  This has forced manufacturers to become more inventive and ground-breaking when it comes to designing appliances with new features, usages, and functions.  Whether you prefer a bright red washer, a refrigerator you can use to access Twitter and check the weather, or simply a more classic, understated look, it really comes down to an individual’s personal opinions and design goals.

The problem with these new advances in technology is the same as with all electronics; the more bells and whistles there are, the more there is to go wrong.  Sadly, all new appliances will most likely have a breakdown of some kind within the first five years of use.  Because of this, when deciding what brand to purchase, you should take heavily into consideration what authorized servicers there are in your area who are certified to work on a particular product.  Also consider going with an extended warranty for your new unit, although the quality of service you receive greatly depends on the store you bought from.  Repair parts and service appointments can sometimes take longer through extended warranty plans, and can potentially lead to some serious headaches.

Don’t feel like you need to lock yourself into going with a single brand though for all of your kitchen or home appliances.  Some manufacturers excel in making certain types of appliances, while falling short with others.  Make sure you do the appropriate research to find out who produces the highest quality units for each type of appliance before purchasing.  This is especially true when it comes to some of the higher-end, more expensive “premium” brands.  Unfortunately, higher quality of components and workmanship leads to more costly parts and repairs, especially for built-in units.  It all comes down to research, research, research!  Learn all you can about the brand you’re purchasing, the store you’re purchasing it from, all warranty plans offered for the unit, and who the authorized servicers are in your area.  If you follow these instructions, your chances of being satisfied and happy with your new appliance purchase will go up dramatically.

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