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We Do Background Checks On Our Technicians


There truly is no place like home.  A person’s home is their sanctuary, a place where they can relax, be themselves, and feel truly safe and secure.  You should never have to feel anything less than comfortable and protected in the place you and your family share the most precious, intimate moments of your lives.  We at Lake Appliance repair are always cognizant and respectful of this, especially because we need to be invited into our customer’s residences to diagnose and repair their home appliances.  We care about and respect our clients so much that we go the extra mile and perform background checks and drug tests on every technician we hire.

Unfortunately, many appliance repair companies don’t perform background checks on their technicians, nor do they implement drug testing due to the high costs of the tests themselves.  We feel it’s in the best interest of our company, our customers, and our employees to keep everything above boards, which leads to higher accountability, and ultimately a better experience for everyone involved.  It all comes down to one question: who are you letting into your home?  Anyone can say they are an appliance repairman, slap a magnet on the side of their truck or van, and try to gain entry into a trusting, unsuspecting person’s apartment or home.  Sadly, this does happen more frequently than most people know, or would care to admit.

In fact, some real appliance repair companies don’t even have a valid BEAR (Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair) license.  This is a government-issued credential by the state which certifies an appliance repair company as an organization who follows all state laws and regulations regarding electronics and appliance repair.  You can almost certainly bet that any company who doesn’t have a valid BEAR license doesn’t perform background checks or drug tests on their employees.  The surest way to choose a reputable service company is to first make sure they’re licensed, and check their customer satisfaction ratings through such resources as AngiesList.com or the Better Business Bureau.  Of course Lake Appliance Repair has, and always will have a stellar customer satisfaction rating through both of these sources, so the decision of who to hire for your appliance repair needs should be a no-brainer!

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