Using Jet-Dry In Dishwashers

Growing up, my family didn’t have a working dishwasher.  We used to hand-wash all of our dishes every night, so when we finally purchased our first one, I was excited to have one less daily chore to do.   My excitement quickly turned to confusion though, as our brand new dishwasher seemed to be doing a very poor job.  It was leaving what in my mind looked to be stains and residue on everything it supposedly had cleaned, and no matter how hard I hand-scrubbed and polished afterwards, the spots and streaks remained.  My mom, being just as much of a clean freak as I am, also got tired of seeing  ghostly white spots on her clean dishes, so she decided to try using an additional “rinse agent” along with our normal detergent called Jet-Dry®.  The results were immediate and surprisingly dramatic.

Jet-Dry® uses a special combination of nonionic surfactants, chelating agents, dye, and fragrance to cause water to run off of dishes instead of forming small pools and deposits of water, which then dry and become the pale white film we’ve all seen and been annoyed by.  It does this by lowering the surface tension of the water, causing it to sheet off the dishes during the final rinse cycle.  Better draining diminishes filming and spotting, and enhances drying.  It’s similar to putting a coat of wax on your car.  Water beads up and runs off of the car instead of sitting in pools, drying, and leaving little round stains in its wake.  Jet-Dry® can help you save money too.  Many modern dishwashers are built to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient, and have an “energy savings” switch.  This cuts down on the amount of electricity, and therefore heat being used to dry your dishes.  Jet-Dry® allows you to utilize your unit’s energy saving functionality and still get your dishes dry and sparkling clean.  You can even cut out the “dry” cycle completely and simply let your dishes air dry.  With Jet-Dry®, your dishes will come out looking brand new, whether it’s for your next fancy dinner party, or just a normal morning’s breakfast with the family.

Using Jet-Dry® can even be beneficial to your dishwasher’s health and functionality.  All dishwashers have a small vent underneath the bottom spray arm inside the unit for draining water.  Over time, this vent can get clogged by small food particles, and even stop draining altogether.  Jet-Dry® contains acids than will help dissolve these food deposits in the draining vent, and allow the proper flow of water through it.  There are some people who say that using vinegar is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a rinse agent, but only Jet-Dry® will clean out your vents and leave your dishes sparkling clean.  So come visit us at Lake Appliance Repair and be sure to pick up some Jet-Dry® with any purchase, and prepare to see your dishes shimmer and shine like never before!


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