Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine for 2015

If you are ready to shop for a new washer in 2015, your first decision may be whether to choose a top load or a front load washing machine.

Here are some considerations before beginning your shopping:

Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine for 2015

Initial Cost: Front load washers have a higher initial cost than top load washers. Both, though, are available in a range of prices

Efficiency: Front load washers are more energy-efficient. Many buyers feel the energy efficiency makes up for the higher cost. Front load washers use less energy in their spin cycle, also. They spin so much faster than top loaders, less water remains in clothing, so clothes dry much faster.

Life-expectancy: Top load washers have a longer life-expectancy, but front-load washers have fewer maintenance issues. Top load washers, for example, can eventually have leaky hoses and broken belts. Small issues that are repairable, but still frustrating.

Wear and Tear: The process of washing in a front load washer creates much less wear-and-tear on clothes. The repeated agitation in a top loading machine is quite hard on clothes.

Detergent: The detergent for a front load washer must be HE (high efficient) low sudsing detergent. Top load washers can use this detergent, also, but using regular detergent in a front loader causes problems.

Additional considerations: A front load washer can wash larger load sizes. Nice, if yours is a large family. If space is a consideration, front load washers and dryers stack well for a smaller space. Lastly, kneeling or bending is required to remove the clothes with a front load washer. If a family member has trouble bending or kneeling, sticking with a top load washer may be more practical.

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