Too Large of Flames on Gas Range?

gas flame on range too high

Attention all home chefs! Are you noticing a high glass flame on your gas range? Don’t let it ruin your cooking plans. Before calling in the pros, let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind this kitchen drama.

Wrong Fuel, Big Problem: Wrong Orfices Can Lead to a Huge Problem

When it comes to your gas range, it’s essential to make sure that the gas supply and the appliance are a perfect match. If the gas supply to your range is liquid propane (LP) and the appliance is designed for natural gas, the higher-pressure LP gas will result in a high glass flame. This scenario can be a significant safety hazard and should not be ignored.

If the flame on the gas burner above looks a little high, well, it is. This is a classic example of an installer hooking a gas range up to a gas line without checking to see whether the gas supplied is liquid propane (LP) or natural gas. 

gas flame on range too high

Picture this: You’ve invited your friends over for a fancy dinner party and decided to cook up a storm on your trusty gas range. Everything is going smoothly, and you’re feeling proud of your culinary skills. Suddenly, you notice a blazingly high glass flame. Panic sets in as you realize that your gas range is not functioning correctly.

The reason for this misfunction is that natural gas and LP gas have different transmission pressures, with LP gas having a higher pressure than natural gas. If a natural gas appliance is connected to an LP gas system without conversion, the higher-pressure gas flowing through the larger natural gas orifices will result in more gas flowing through the burner, causing an unnecessarily high glass flame.

This situation highlights the importance of proper installation, conversion, and maintenance of gas appliances. If you encounter a high glass flame on your gas range, it’s essential to immediately stop using it and call in a professional for an evaluation. A qualified technician will check the orifices and determine if they are the correct ones for the type of gas supply. If not, they will remove the incorrect orifices and install the proper ones to ensure that your gas range is functioning safely and efficiently.

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