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Lake’s Essential Summer Checklist for Appliances

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Summer routines are more relaxed, but our hard-working appliances know no season. Some may have to work even harder on hot days. To keep them in tip-top shape, our experts created a summer checklist for appliances from refrigerator care to gas grille maintenance. With a little extra attention, you can be sure your appliances are ready when it’s time for summer fun.

A Summer Appliance Checklist That Beats the Heat

When the days are long and hot some appliances can benefit from a little seasonal TLC. Our summer checklist for appliances provides the maintenance they need with fast and easy tips that won’t keep you from summer fun.

Reduce Appliance Energy Consumption

Energy costs often soar during the summer when we spend more time at home using our appliances. The following tips can reduce appliance energy consumption during summer and save you money:

  • Limit laundry and cooking times: Doing laundry and using the oven during peak afternoon hours can mean higher charges from your utility company. Limit the amount of laundry and cooking you do during these times, or save it for the morning or night.
  • Wash Clothes with Cold Water: Hot water uses more energy. Try washing clothes with cold water to reduce energy consumption
  • Clean Refrigerator Coils: Condenser coils cool refrigerant, helping the refrigerator maintain its temperature. However, dirty coils can make the refrigerator expend more energy to accomplish this task. Clean your refrigerator coils every summer to lessen stress and strain on your fridge.

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Avoid Refrigerator Cooling Issues

In addition to cleaning the condenser coils, your refrigerator can benefit from other interventions to maintain its cool on hot days. These refrigerator maintenance tips can ensure proper function in spite of the heat:

  • Set the correct temperature: Most refrigerators cool best between 34-40°F. Confirm that your refrigerator temperature isn’t too high or too low.
  • Avoid overloading: Packing the fridge with too much food limits the flow of cool air and could obstruct air vents. Clean out your refrigerator every month, removing any old or unused items.
  • Check the door seal: This rubber seal keeps cold air in and warm air out, helping the refrigerator maintain a consistent temperature. If a dollar bill placed in between the gasket and door can be removed with ease, the door seal isn’t tight enough and should be replaced.

Keep Your Ice Maker Running Strong

Summer appliance maintenance has to include your ice maker to keep the cold beverages flowing. Here are some ice maker troubleshooting tips to avoid hot weather malfunctions:

  • Check your freezer temperature: Make sure the freezer temperature is set at or below 10°F for optimal ice production.
  • Confirm that the ice maker is on: Shifting items in the freezer can turn an ice maker off. Make sure your ice maker is on by confirming that the control arm or switch is in the right position.
  • Change the water filter: A clogged filter can limit ice production. If your filter hasn’t been changed in over 6 months, change it to ensure that water flows freely to the ice maker.

Dryer Maintenance to Prevent Fires

If you haven’t had a professional dryer vent cleaning in over a year, we suggest adding this task to your appliance summer checklist. We recommend cleaning dryer vents every 6-12 months to avoid the buildup of lint and debris that can cause dryer fires.

And don’t forget to empty the lint filter after every drying cycle. This quick and simple task can reduce energy costs by lessening drying times and keep lint from clogging the dryer vent.

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How to Maintain a Gas Grill

Cookouts just aren’t the same if your grill isn’t up for the task. Our summer checklist for appliances includes simple gas grill maintenance for every grill master:

  • Clean your grill grates both before and after use with a stainless steel bristle brush. After grilling, wipe down with water and a dry cloth.
  • After 10 uses, remove the grill grates for a more thorough cleaning and clean out the grease drip pan and interior.
  • At the end of the grilling season, take the time to perform another thorough cleaning. Include the burners and exterior before covering and storing your grill for winter.

Whether it’s providing an essential summer checklist for appliances or an immediate repair, Lake Appliance Repair can help. What makes us the best appliance service is always our commitment to customer care.

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