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Should You Have an Appliance Maintenance Plan for my Sub-Zero?

Should you have an appliance maintenance plan

Should you have an appliance maintenance planSo, you’ve bought a Sub Zero – Wolf refrigerator with built-in over-and-under glass doors. Congratulations! They’re wonderful kitchen appliances but like many others, you simply can’t begin to utilize it without first coming up with a routine maintenance plan. We know, it may seem counter-intuitive in the beginning to sit down and think about maintenance or refrigerator repair when your Sub Zero – Wolf is fresh out of the box. But trust us, coming up with a plan while the new fridge is still on the forefront of your mind is the best way to go.

Record Dates and Set Alerts

Record the date of your purchase as well as the date when you first started using the refrigerator. It will help you remember when to change the appliance’s air purification and water filtration cartridges. We’d also suggest recording which light bulbs are included in the refrigerator’s design. Better yet, program all of the information into an electronic device capable of issuing alerts or warnings as replacement dates near.

Schedule Some Homework Time

Next, do your homework. Find out who in your immediate area provides refrigerator repair and where you can buy replacement parts for quick, DIY tasks. Ask any refrigerator repair company that you’re considering doing business with to show you customer testimonials and go over all of their policies one by one. Don’t stop the research there though.

There are parts inside of sub Zero – Wolf refrigerators that may not be welcomed by the local trash collectors. The list of examples includes, but isn’t confined to mercury-filled lamps, cartridges, coolants and filters. As a result, they may need to be recycled or disposed of in another way. Finding out now will certainly save you both time and headaches in the long run. To learn more about what’s involved in maintaining Sub Zero – Wolf appliances and how our refrigerator repair team’s expertise may help you achieve your goals, feel free to contact Lake Appliance Repair!

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