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Safety & Health Protocols Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Our top priority at Lake Appliance Repair is the safety and the well-being of our customers and team members. Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve followed the guidance of federal, state, and local authorities to curb the spread of the infection.

Many areas throughout the country, including the state of California, have implemented Shelter in Place protocol to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This mandate requests that you stay at home except for essential outings.

As an essential business, Lake Appliance Repair will continue to provide in-home service to our customers during this time. 

We have provided our technicians and office staff with the necessary training to ensure that the proper safety measures and sanitation procedures are being followed at all times.

What to Expect During Your Service Appointment

According to the CDC, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person contact or interaction. To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, we’re taking the following measures and precautions.

  1. Our office staff will ask if you or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with COVID-19,  has any symptoms of the virus, has come into contact with someone diagnosed with the virus, or has traveled by air or mass transit recently. We will also request that all children and other members of the household remain in a different room during the service appointment.
  2. Our technician will call you ahead of your appointment to confirm there is no illness in the home. If there is, we will contact you to reschedule the appointment.
  3. When our technician arrives, he will not shake hands or make direct contact with anyone in your home. We ask that you follow CDC recommendations and maintain 6 feet between you and our technician.
  4. Our technician will wear disposable booties over their shoes and request to wash his hands before getting started. Please provide a clean sink with warm water and soap.
  5. Our technician will wear gloves and wipe down all surfaces with the disinfectant of your choice before and after your service is performed. This includes appliances, counters, and sinks. Please have wipes, spray, and rags available if you want the technician to clean these surfaces.
  6. At this time, all receipts and other materials will only be sent in a digital format via email. Please be sure to provide your technician with a valid email address.
  7. Before leaving your home, our technician will wipe down all tools with disinfectant wipes and request to wash his hands again.

Our technicians have been instructed not to come to work if they feel ill or are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus. They are also encouraged to leave the home of a service appointment if they do not feel safe. Please call our office to reschedule if you are not comfortable with having a technician in your home at this time. We will do our best to be flexible.

Additional Sanitation Measures

Our technicians will also be following recommended cleaning & sanitation protocols:

  • Disinfect tools, computers, and other equipment used after every service appointment.
  • Disinfect the inside of their service vehicle at the beginning and end of each workday.
  • Disinfect all office equipment including our parts shipping & receiving center each day.

Office & Parts Department Equipment Handling

Although you will only come into direct contact with our service technician, our office & parts staff are also working hard to stay safe and sanitary. To ensure your safety, we’ve implemented a thorough cleaning procedure and can conduct additional cleanings if needed.

What to Do if You’re Sick?

If you’re showing signs of illness, we ask that you contact our office to discuss the next steps for your service appointment. Under certain conditions, we may ask that you postpone your appointment for the CDC recommended quarantine period. Please contact our office to discuss service options.

Get more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from these trusted resources:

World Health Organization: Advice for Public
Center for Disease Control: Prevention

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