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Sacramento Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Perfect Date

Best Valentine's Day Restaurants in Sacramento
Valentine’s Day is upon us, and most couples are rushing around trying to plan a night that is nothing short of magical. For the majority of us who aren’t super-planners and haven’t nailed down our plans, we thought we could simplify the process of planning the perfect night for your date. So check out this list of restaurants and activities! One of them is sure to fit your idea of the perfect date in Sacramento

Our top fine-dining option is without a doubt the FireHouse Restaurant. With a special 5 course Valentine’s menu and the region’s most extensive wine collection, the FireHouse is quite possibly the most romantic place around.

Chef Deneb Williams is well known for being one of the best, if not the best chef in Sacramento with several signature dishes you won’t find anywhere else. The Firehouse Restaurant is the destination for an incomparably romantic experience.

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Morton’s is a great option if you and your significant prefer the classic steak and wine combo as your Valentines dinner of choice. Considered the best steak in Sacramento by many, this place is guaranteed to impress! The Steakhouse is located downtown with views of the Capitol and the Tower Bridge. This makes it a great option if you want to eat dinner outside.
For the wino couple in Sacramento we have just the place. Revolution Wine is well-loved for it’s locally grown wines. For Valentine’s Day they have unique meals planned for each of their signature wines.They are serving a special dinner which will include four courses prepared by Chef Rachel, and wine pairings with each course by Winemaker Craig.
Want to do something out of the ordinary this Valentine’s Day? Check out this romantic nighttime train ride through the night lights of Sacramento. Not only will you see the city but the majority of the train ride runs right alongside the Sacramento River. While you ride you are served a gourmet 3 course meal and a bottle of champagne. Sure to impress the date who enjoys a more adventurous time!
If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune, but still want something exceptionally romantic Rio City Cafe could be perfect. It’s situated in beautiful historic Old Sacramento, with the Sacramento river running right by its’ spacious patio! It overlooks some of the most prominent landmarks in Sacramento including the historic Tower Bridge and the Ziggurat (pyramid) building. It has an amazing selection of desserts and wine to go with it’s delicious entrees.
Many couples would prefer something a little more intimate, without all the noise of the restaurant. This idea does take some creativity, but your significant other will appreciate the extra effort you put in! I would recommend bringing some candles, some brie cheese, a bottle of something nice, and a few blankets. It might be a little bit chilly, but that could be the perfect excuse to get nice and close to each other.
I hope this guide gave you some ideas, and maybe even inspiration on how to make this the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet!

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