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Pros and cons of trash compactorsTrash compactors are handy household appliances that do exactly what their name implies: they take a large amount of trash and compress it so that it takes up much less space. Instead of throwing your garbage in a big, loose heap inside a wastebasket, trash compactors allow you to keep it neatly contained and compressed in a small area. Using a trash compactor is fairly easy, and you can install them permanently in your home. They are designed to fit under the countertop in a kitchen, much like a dishwasher or a stove. Compactors contain a motor, and what appears to be a regular trash can. The motor operates a press that pushes down, or compacts what’s been thrown away so that your trash doesn’t have to be emptied so frequently. Using them requires nothing more than placing trash into a regular trash can. You simply open the unit’s door, place your trash inside, close the door, and press a button that activates the compacting action. The machine’s electric motor does all the work for you. There are a nus & mber of reasons to consider using a trash compactor, but there are also several disadvantages reported by some users. The following pros and cons should help you decide if a trash compactor is right for you and your lifestyle.

Many people who have owned a trash compactor at one time or another have praised them for their convenience. Because compactors compress your garbage, they can save a significant amount of space in your indoor and outdoor receptacles. It’s a really nice change to have your trash hidden away in as small a space as is possible, and while the majority of these appliances are built-in undercounter models, they are also available as freestanding units for those who don’t have any extra ground-level

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