Preparing Your Oven For The Holiday Bustle

The holiday season is finally here, which has you scrambling to prepare all of your equipment for the cooking that awaits you. But before you do, read this blog carefully!

Cooking enthusiasts with self-cleaning ovens may be tempted to run the self-clean cycle the night before a big cooking day, but we highly advise against this!

We talked about this very issue on Good Day Sacramento a couple years ago. We told Cody Stark just how common it is to have your oven fail because of the self-cleaning cycle. And trust us, you don’t want this to happen to you the night before Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Why does this happen? Simple: The self-cleaning cycle brings your oven to over 1000° Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to turn a chunk of spilled beef into dust. This extreme heat can also cause failure of important electronic components, elements, and fuses.

How to Prepare Your Oven for Fall Cooking

1. The Kitchn recommends that you use the self-clean function for only a fraction of the whole cycle. We like this advice. Faith Durand recommends that you should only run the self-clean cycle for an hour. The self-cleaning cycle operates by turning food particles into ash so it’s easier to wipe off. An hour at 1000° should be enough time to burn off all the food bits inside your oven (as long as it’s not too dirty). This could reduce your risk of oven failure.

2. Regularly clean your oven. Some owners may think that the self-cleaning function means that they “almost never have to clean the oven.” This is wishful thinking at best. The self-cleaning cycle still requires your participation. In order to keep your oven clean and working efficiently, wipe it down once a month with a damp cloth, and immediately clean any major spills. If you bake and use the oven more frequently, you should clean it weekly. As for the self-clean cycle, run it once every 3-4 months for a deep clean. And don’t ever run it when you’re not at home.

3. Run the self-clean cycle a full month before the holidays or wait until after your holiday cooking is done. This way, you won’t have to deal with a broken oven disaster the day before Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the hustle, bustle, and marathon cooking this holiday season, and self-clean your oven sensibly!

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