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How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Maytag Dryer


A far cry from the dryer’s familiar tumbling sounds, loud noises can be downright startling. Why is my Maytag dryer making noise? Thumping sounds may be heard if laundry clumps on one side of the washer drum. Use these tips to troubleshoot a noisy Maytag dryer and restore its normal function.

Noisy Maytag Dryer? Here’s How to Decipher the Sounds. 

As surprising as loud dryer sounds may be, most have a simple fix. We’ll list the most common sounds a noisy Maytag dryer makes, pinpointing the cause and solution. 

Dryer Is Thumping

If your dryer makes noise when tumbling that sounds like loud thumps, there could be several possible causes.

Here’s what’s most likely responsible for thumping sounds:

  • Bulky items clumped together: Comforters, sheets or rugs have a tendency to ball up on one side of the dryer drum, making a thumping sound as it turns. To prevent bunching, place large items loosely in the drum. Pause the washer cycle to redistribute them as needed.
  • Drying sneakers: Tumbling sneakers in the dryer can not only make thumping noises but also harm dryer parts. To avoid damage and loud noise, air dry sneakers on a drying rack.
  • Flat drum rollers: If the dryer hasn’t been used in awhile, the drum rollers can flatten, making thumping sounds when it starts again. The sounds should stop as the dryer continues to operate. 

Dryer Making Pounding Noise

A Maytag dryer rumbling noise or pounding sound can occur if the dryer’s legs aren’t level. For the dryer to function as quietly as possible, all four legs must rest evenly on the floor.  Refer to your user manual to determine how to level the legs on your model dryer. Most can be adjusted up or down to ensure that each has even contact with the floor. If a leg is damaged or missing, it must be replaced.

Scraping Noise Inside Dryer

When your Maytag dryer is making a grinding noise or scraping sound, small loose objects may be trapped inside. Objects like nails or coins can get caught in the seam at the front or back of the dryer. Pause the drying cycle and inspect the seams for trapped objects, removing any visible items.

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Dryer Rattling or Knocking

Rattling and knocking sounds can also have a variety of causes, ranging from loose items to washer vibrations.

Here’s why your noisy Maytag dryer may be rattling or knocking:

  • Loose items in dryer drum: Hardware like buttons, zippers and belt buckles or small items like pens or paper clips can make knocking sounds as the drum tumbles. Check pockets for loose items and secure hardware before placing clothing in the dryer.
  • Objects leaning against the dryer: Bins, buckets or other objects that lean against or on top of the dryer can cause a rattling or knocking sound during operation. Move these items away from the dryer before turning it on.
  • Dryer too close to washer: The washer’s spinning action can cause the dryer’s cabinet to vibrate if the two are in close proximity. To reduce the chance of rattling sounds, make sure the washer and dryer have adequate space between each other.

Maytag Dryer Squealing

What if your Maytag dryer is squeaking or squealing? A part failure or use error is often responsible for these sounds.

These parts malfunctions can result in a noisy Maytag dryer, requiring a professional clothes dryer repair:

  • Exceeding dryer capacity: If you try to fill every inch of space inside your dryer, it can cause big problems over time. An overloaded dryer not only takes longer to dry, but also puts undue stress on internal components. Check your dryer’s use and care manual to learn the capacity limit for your model.
  • Broken drive belt: This rubber belt wraps around the dryer drum via two pulleys, rotating the drum via the motor’s power. If the belt loosens or breaks, the drum may make a squealing sound as it spins. A broken belt must be replaced.
  • Defective drum glides: Drum glides provide a smooth surface on which the drum can rotate, thanks to felt pads on their plastic tops. If this felt wears off, the drum can squeak during spinning as the drum comes in contact with the dryer cabinet. Even if one drum glide is worn, all should be replaced.
  • Worn drum bearing: The drum bearing supports the rear of the drum but can wear out with time. If the drum makes a squealing sound when turned by hand, the bearing must be replaced.

Whether your dryer won’t start or is extra noisy, our experts can help. Contact Lake Appliance Repair for any laundry appliance concern!

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