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Microwave Lemon Cleaning Hack: The Best Way to Clean a Microwave

microwave lemon cleaning hack

Do you hate cleaning your microwave? So do I! It’s always so difficult to get the food particles and grease off of the walls. But now there is a solution: the microwave lemon cleaning hack! This is a method that uses lemons and water to clean your microwave in minutes. How do you clean a microwave with lemon? Read on for instructions on how to do it yourself.

Microwave Lemon Cleaning Hack

Ready to say goodbye to the dirt and grime covering your microwave? Let’s learn how to clean a microwave with lemon and vinegar using our microwave lemon cleaning hack.

1: Make the Cleaning Solution

Cut 1-2 lemons in half and squeeze the juice into a large bowl filled about halfway full with water. Mix it around so that the lemon juice is evenly distributed. (don’t have lemons? You can use vinegar to clean microwave ovens as well, just use 3 tablespoons with water instead of lemons.)

how do you clean a microwave with lemon

2: Microwave On High Power

Place the bowl of lemon water inside the microwave and turn it on to high power for about five minutes. The lemon juice will cause the water to boil and produce steam. This steam will loosen up all of the dirt and grime on the inside of your microwave.

3: Let Cleaning Solution Sit

After the five minutes is up, leave the bowl of lemon water inside the microwave for another five minutes or so. This will allow the steam to continue cleaning the interior surfaces of your microwave.

4: Wipe Down Inside the Microwave

After the allotted time has passed, take a clean cloth and wipe down the inside of your microwave. The dirt and grime should easily come off with little to no scrubbing. For any areas that you’re still struggling with, try microwaving the lemon water again. Or you can dip your cloth into a little bit of the lemony water and scrub a bit longer.

clean a microwave with vinegar and lemon

5: Exterior & Turntable Cleaning Tips

If you want to clean the outside of your microwave or the turntable, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. You can also use a little bit of lemon water on these areas if needed. For more stubborn spots, try dipping your rag in hot water and a little baking soda to get a little extra cleaning power.

So can you clean a microwave with lemon juice? Yes! You’ve now learned how to clean your microwave quickly and easily using lemons and water. Give the microwave lemon cleaning hack a try the next time your microwave is in need of a good cleaning. You’ll be glad you did! And if you’re having issues with your microwave, call the top-rated microwave oven repair team at Lake Appliance Repair.

Happy cleaning!

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