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Maytag Dryer Not Starting Up? Follow These Troubleshooting Tips

maytag dryer won't start just clicks

It never fails: you only discover your dryer won’t start when a pile of wet laundry is waiting. So, why is my Maytag dryer not starting? The door may not be closed all the way. Make sure the door latches shut and that the latch is functioning properly. Determine the source of starting problems with our Maytag dryer troubleshooting tips.

5 Common Reasons for A Maytag Dryer Not Starting

There can be several reasons for a Maytag dryer not starting, ranging from user errors to part malfunctions. We’ll specify the most likely causes and recommend the best solution to quickly restore dryer function.

1. Dryer Isn’t Getting Power

If your Maytag dryer doesn’t turn on, checking its power source is a good place to start. Even a dryer that uses gas heat needs electricity to power its motor and other functions.

Here’s how to assess power issues:

  • Is the dryer plugged in to a functioning outlet? Make sure the cord is securely plugged into the outlet. Test the outlet by unplugging the dryer and plugging in something else. If that device doesn’t turn on, the outlet may be faulty and requires further testing.
  • Are there tripped breakers or blown fuses? Check your home’s circuit breaker box. Reset any tripped breakers and replace blown fuses. Keep in mind that electric dryers use 2 breakers or fuses for sufficient power.
  • Is the dryer powered by an extension cord? These cords can’t safely conduct the voltage a dryer requires, leading to overheating that can prohibit starting. Never use an extension cord to power your dryer or any large appliance.

maytag dryer not starting2. Dryer Door Isn’t Latched Shut

As a safety precaution, most dryers won’t start if the door isn’t closed and latched. Even if the door appears closed, give it a gentle push to make sure the latch engages. Usually, you’ll hear a small click when it does.

If the latch won’t engage, check for clothing that may be blocking the door from closing. If there are no blockages, the latch isn’t engaging and you still find your Maytag dryer not starting, the latch may be broken. A broken latch should be professionally replaced.

*Tip: Always be gentle when opening and closing your dryer door. Slamming it shut can cause damage to the latch mechanism over time and result in your dryer not starting.

3. Dryer Operation Issues

Certain cycles or dryer functions prohibit an immediate start when engaged. For example, the dryer won’t start immediately if the Wrinkle Reduction option is selected. Similarly, the Control Lock setting locks all electronic functions, prohibiting the dryer from starting. Make sure the Control Lock light is off and that you’ve selected an Automatic or Timed Dry cycle for an immediate start. Wondering how to speed up clothes drying? Refer to your user manual to determine which Automatic or Timed Dry Cycle is best for your particular laundry load.

maytag dryer troubleshooting
Image from Whirlpool

4. Defective Maytag Dryer Thermal Fuse

A Maytag dryer thermal fuse is a safety device that blows if the dryer is in danger of overheating, ceasing all functions. If your Maytag dryer won’t start, just clicks, and multimeter testing of the fuse reveals no continuity, it’s either blown or defective. In both cases, the fuse can’t be repaired and must be replaced.

Even if you don’t suspect overheating, a blown thermal fuse warrants a dryer vent inspection. A vent that’s clogged with lint, dirt or dryer sheets can restrict airflow and result in overheating. Check out our list of dryer sheet hacks with alternative uses for dryer sheets that won’t result in vent clogs.

5. Broken Maytag Dryer Start Switch

When you push the Start button it activates the start switch, signaling the drive motor to begin operation. If you press the Start button and the dryer makes no noise at all, it’s likely the start switch is broken. If multimeter testing confirms this with a lack of continuity, your Maytag dryer start switch must be replaced.

Is your Maytag dryer not starting even after trying these troubleshooting tips? It may be time for a professional dryer repair service to assess the problem. Schedule your assessment with Lake Appliance Repair today!

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