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Five Must-Knows About LG Steam Dryers

LG Steam Dryers

LG Steam DryersLG has developed many high efficiency dryers in the past several years, but the dryer in highest demand is LG’s dryer with steam technology. The LG Steam dryer promises to keep your clothes fresh, dry, and wrinkle-free. So what does a steam dryer do that a regular dryer doesn’t? Let’s explore five reasons why the LG steam dryer has become the “it” product in today’s modern homes.

#1: Energy saver
With energy costs on the rise and consumers striving to “go green,” an energy efficient appliance is very attractive. LG Steam Dryers are able to sense when the clothes are dry, which saves electricity by reducing the cycle dry time. The LG steam dryers are also built with larger tubs, so they hold and can handle more larger loads of laundry. This helps reduce the number of loads, which saves energy.

#2: Wrinkle reducer
The LG steam dryer emits puffs of steam during the drying cycle, which prevents clothes from wrinkling. The slight dampness allows the clothes to become softer and reduces the chance for wrinkles. With this feature, consumers spend less time ironing and more time doing the things that matter.

#3: Sanitize and deodorize more than just clothes
The steam emitted in the LG dryer helps eliminate odors, because the hot steam kills the bacteria that sits on clothes or settles back in while it is wet. The SteamSanitary cycle also sanitizes objects that are not considered washable such as a throw blankets, whose tags are marked as non-washable.

#4: Sensor system
You never have to guess how long your laundry will take to dry with the steam dryer’s sensor system. The sensor system in the dryer measures the moisture of the laundry load, and adjusts the drying time accordingly.

#5: Refresh cycle
You can quickly use the SteamFresh cycle on your dryer to reduce wrinkles when you need a quick fix on your favorite article of clothing. With a quick 20 minute cycle, you can smooth out wrinkles without having to take the time to flat iron your clothes.

With technology constantly changing, and getting more expensive, it is worth looking into the special features on any new appliances you are considering buying. The LG steam dryer is constantly getting good customer reviews, and is a good addition for a modern home.

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