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Is It Common For Appliance Parts To Have No Refunds?


Here at Lake Appliance Repair, we encourage and celebrate the “do it yourself” attitude that many of our customers have when it comes to mending and maintaining their homes.  It’s part of what makes this country great!  The value of self-reliance, hard work, and saving a buck cannot be overstated, but unfortunately this same attitude and approach can often backfire on the well intentioned and inexperienced.  We see it time and time again.  Customers often have the ambition and confidence to attempt repairs on their household appliances on their own, only realizing they’re in over their heads once it’s too late.  Whether they misdiagnose the problem, purchase the incorrect parts, install them improperly, or even damage their unit in the process, there’s no safety net once the decision to do it yourself has been made.  For all of these reasons, parts cannot be returned or warrantied beyond this point, and so a noble attempt at saving time and money becomes a regrettable waste of both.

The solution is a simple one though, and not nearly as costly or time consuming as you might think.  We have the most experienced, intelligent, and thorough roster of technicians in the business, all of whom are certified to work on most all major brands of appliances.  By utilizing one of our technicians, you completely eliminate the possibility of misdiagnosis, wasting money on incorrect parts, or causing further damage to the machines that you simply can’t live without!  And once we’ve left your home, not only will your refrigerator stay cool or your washer stop leaking, but we guarantee that the parts we’ve installed and the repairs we’ve done will endure the test of time.  We stand behind our parts, technicians, and the work they do so that all parts we install come with a one year warranty, eliminating the risk and uncertainty of attempting repairs on your own.

So, as much as we encourage and respect the notion of self-sufficiency and “doing it yourself”, we strongly recommend utilizing one of our highly skilled, certified technicians to diagnose and repair any and all of your household appliances.  We stand behind our products, employees, and repairs like no one else in the industry, and guarantee a quality of service that will leave you singing our praises to everyone you know!

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