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  • How to Install Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA29-00020A (Same As Kenmore 46-9101)

How to Install Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA29-00020A (Same As Kenmore 46-9101)

Water Filter Change Samsung

Thinking about changing your own water filter? Good idea! Replacing your own refrigerator water filter can save you a lot of time and money. The entire process only takes about 10 minutes when done properly, so let’s get started.

First things first, you’re going to need a replacement filter. Replacement water filters can be purchased from your local appliance parts store, Lowe’s or an online retailer like Amazon.com.

This may go without saying, but don’t pull your water filter out of the housing to take to the store with you UNLESS you turn the WATER OFF!

The following instructions demonstrate how to change the Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA29-00020B. In this illustration, we have used a generic water filter by AquaFresh, WF294. This filter is also compatible with select Kenmore Refrigerators.

See more Samsung & Kenmore filter options here.

How to Change Samsung Water Filter DA29-00020B

Step 1: Find your refrigerator model number. The model number is located inside of the refrigerator, likely on the left side wall. Common Samsung refrigerator models that work with the DA29-00020B filter include:

Fits Samsung Refrigerators

  • RSG307AARS
  • RF23J9011SR
  • RS261MDWP
  • RS267TD
  • RF4287HARS/XAA
  • RS265TDRS
  • RS261MDBP
  • RS261MDRS
  • RFG298HDRS

Be sure to verify that your refrigerator model number is compatible with the water filter before making the purchase. The Amazon model number checker is very useful when shopping for appliance filters (find the Model Number Checker under the main menu when purchasing parts).

Step 2Locate your water filter housing. The water filter housing will look like a knob. It may be located in the refrigerator section near the crispers or on the exterior of the refrigerator near the toe grille. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for the specific location of your water filter housing.

Step 3Turn Off the Water Supply. Before removing the water filter, be sure to turn off the water supply. Carefully move the refrigerator forward to access the water shut off valve in the back. Be extremely careful that you don’t scratch the floors or tear the linoleum!

water filter housing samsung refrigerator 2

Step 4: Remove the old filter. Rotate the filter counter clockwise to unscrew the old filter from the housing. Take off the knob-style cap, and dispose of the old filter.

Step 5Install the new filter. Place the knob-style cap on the back of the new filter. Remove the small (likely blue) cap located on the front of the new filter. Replace the filter by turning the knob clockwise until secure. You may hear a mild hissing sound as you install the filter; this is normal.

remove samsung water filter
Samsung Filter Cap

Step 6: Turn the water back on. Turn the water supply back on, and scoot the refrigerator back into place.

Step 7: Flush about 1 gallon of water through the filter. You may notice the water sputters for a few seconds. This is just the air escaping the lines. Now you’re ready to drink.

Step 8Reset the Water Filter Status light. Press the water filter reset button and hold for 3 seconds. Your refrigerator will remind you to change the filter again in 6 months or 300 gallons, which ever is sooner.

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