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What Are Hybrid Heat Pump Dryers?

What Are Hybrid Heat Pump Dryers

What Are Hybrid Heat Pump DryersOne of the greatest recent developments in dryer technology is the hybrid heat pump. This ingenious design maximizes energy efficiency for the benefit of both the owner and the environment. Hybrid heat pump dryers have been popular in Europe for years (due to the relatively high cost of electricity). Over the last couple years they have become increasingly popular in the United States as well.

How Does It Work?

A typical dryer circulates your wet laundry while heating air in a confined space. This causes the moisture in the fabric to evaporate, but then the water must be expelled as steam, which is released through a vent installed on the outer wall of the house. With hybrid heat pump technology, this moisture is collected and drained without expelling the hot air. Instead, this air is recycled and reheated. Reheating hot air uses far less energy than heating air at room temperature.

What’s The Advantage?

A hybrid heat pump dryer has many advantages to the standard dryer:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – The average hybrid heat pump dryer reduces electricity usage by 50-60%.
  • Gentle Handling – Greater control over internal moisture means more gentle handling of your laundry at low drying temperatures.
  • Vent-Free Design – The lack of ventilation requirements also makes the dryer much easier to install, meaning that your laundry room does not need to be located against an outside wall.

Which Model Should I Buy?

While many appliance brands are now incorporating hybrid heat pumps, we recommend the Whirlpool HybridCare™ Duet Dryer with Heat Pump Technology. This model is the most energy efficient dryer currently available. Compared to pre-2004 dryers, the Whirlpool HybridCare uses 73% less energy in a standard load. It also has a large 7.3 cubic foot drum which is more conducive to gentle drying at low temperatures.

Other advantages of the Whirlpool HybridCare™ Duet Dryer include:

  • Advanced Moisture Sensing – Monitors moisture level in the fabric to avoid overheating, which extends the longevity of your clothes.
  • 7.3 Cubic Foot Drum – This large drum design is ideal for not only large loads, but drying more quickly and efficiently.
  • Quad Baffles – Four baffles staggered in a randomized pattern causes clothing to open up more while tumbling, thus increasing drying efficiency.
  • HybridCare™ Energy Options – A common complaint about hybrid heat pumps is that they are slower than traditional dryers, but this model includes Speed and Balance settings in addition to the Eco default. This enables you to choose the right option for your schedule.
  • Tap Touch Controls with Memory – The touch-based digital control interface enables you to set a variety of custom drying options with a memory system to quickly access your last settings.

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