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Laundry Tips: How to Prevent Dryer Static On Clothes

how to prevent dryer static

While clothes fresh from the dryer have an appealing warmth and smell, no one appreciates annoying static cling. Wondering how to get rid of dryer static without too much effort and expense? Anti-static dryer balls are both reusable and effective. Learn how to prevent dryer static on clothes with these safe and simple techniques.

How to Prevent Dryer Static on Clothes and Keep It Away

In addition to dryer sheets, there are a variety of other methods to reduce static that are even more eco-friendly. But before we detail the most effective choices, here’s what causes static in clothes in the first place.

What Causes Static Electricity on Clothes?

There’s actually a little bit of science behind static. As clothes tumble in the dryer, they repeatedly brush against each other, exchanging electrons with each contact. Some of these elections have a positive charge, while others are negative.

When the dryer stops tumbling and clothes pile at the bottom, the negative and positive electrons attract each other and stick together. This phenomenon is what we know as static. The chemicals on synthetic fabrics and winter’s cold, dry air are also factors that increase static electricity.

From DIY static-reducers to different laundry practices, here’s how to prevent dryer static on clothes.

ways to eliminate dryer static

Use Dryer Sheets to Eliminate Static

Disposable dryer sheets are one of the easiest ways to eliminate dryer static. Each sheet contains fabric softeners with positive electrons that neutralize negative electrons on clothing. When negative electrons are eliminated, static electricity can’t occur.

Dryer sheets can do more than just eliminate static. Our useful dryer sheet hacks illustrate how they can also make a variety of household chores easier.

Add Anti-Static Dryer Balls

Wondering how to reduce static cling without dryer sheets? Wool or aluminum foil dryer balls are effective alternatives. Wool dryer balls work by absorbing the moisture from wet clothes, creating a humid environment that reduces dryer static. For a nominal initial cost, they can also be reused numerous times. 

Aluminum foil balls discharge static buildup and keep clothes separated so less contact also decreases static. Though your dryer makes noise when tumbling with them, they’re one of the easiest DIY static reducers. Simply take three, foot-long sheets of aluminum foil and crumple them into balls that are 2-3 inches in diameter. They can also be reused multiple times before discarding.

What causes static in clothes

Use Vinegar in the Rinse Cycle

As a natural, inexpensive, and widely available option, vinegar is the best static remover for clothes. Vinegar works as a fabric softener, loosening fabric fibers so they’re less able to stick together and create static.

Here’s how to prevent dryer static on clothes using vinegar:

  • Wash clothes with vinegar: Pour ¼ cup of white or apple cider vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your washer’s detergent dispenser. For top-loading machines, add it during the rinse cycle.
  • Add vinegar to dryer load: Spray a clean washcloth, sock or other small article of clothing with white vinegar and toss it in the dryer with wet clothes. The dryer’s heat eliminates any vinegar odor.

Separate Synthetic Items

As stated above, the chemicals on synthetic fabrics contain many loose electrons that generate more static when in contact with other items. To lessen static in each dryer load, consider hanging and air drying these items or drying them together in a separate load.

Whether it’s how to prevent dryer static on clothes or performing a clothes dryer repair, our experts can help. Contact Lake Appliance Repair for all your laundry appliance needs!

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