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How to Organize Your Laundry Room on a Budget


For all the time we spend washing, drying and folding, our laundry room space doesn’t always make the job easier. Sure, you can go through a budget-busting laundry room makeover to organize your space. But there are plenty of laundry room organization hacks that can do the same for little money. From hanging rods to storage bins, we’ve got easy ways to organize your laundry room on a budget.

Bargain Tips, Tricks, and Hacks: How to Organize Your Laundry Room on a Budget

Are you constantly searching for dryer sheets? Spilling bulky detergent bottles? Stacking clothes on the floor? Our easy DIY tips will show you how to organize your laundry room on a budget. It may even become your favorite room in the house.

#1. Use Tension Rods to Hang Clothes

Space is often at a premium in the laundry room and walls can be valuable real estate in these small spaces. Make the most of your wall space by using tension rods to air-dry damp clothing or hold hanging items before they’re put away. These rods are inexpensive, available online or at most hardware stores and are easy to install, typically requiring no tools or hardware.

Photo Credit: Troy and Lindsey

#2. Hang a Pegboard Wall

Another method to maximize wall space and organize your laundry room on a budget is to install a pegboard. This classic organizing hack has been around forever for a reason: it’s perfect for storing smaller items. Hang rubber gloves, scrub brushes or scissors to keep them accessible but out-of-the-way. Best of all, they’re available at most hardware stores and are easy to install on the cheap.

how to organize your laundry room on a budget
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

#3. Store Supplies in Labeled Bins

Matching storage bins are one of those cheap laundry room organization ideas that can also give the room a decorative touch. Available at bedding and home décor stores, identical bins can store supplies like laundry stain remover and dryer sheets while also pulling the room together. Complete the neat and organized look with labels so you’re never searching for items.

Photo Credit: Neat Method

#4. Keep Tiny Items in Clear Jars

Laundry room tools can be tiny and tiny things can be hard to organize. While bins work for larger items, keep clothespins or sponges in clear plastic or glass jars. These simple storage solutions for little items will organize your laundry room on a budget, bring a little chic to your space, and can be found at any discount home décor or craft store.

Photo Credit: Over the Big Moon

#5. Use Your Door With a Hanging Rack

When laundry room space is truly limited, take advantage of the door! Hanging a rack on the back of your laundry room door uses space you didn’t think you had. Plus, it can hold detergent, stain remover, paper towels and a variety of other supplies. This inexpensive laundry room update requires no assembly and can be found at multiple hardware, bedding or discount home décor stores.

cheap laundry room organization
Photo Credit: My Sweet Savannah

#6: Install Folding Space

If you’re DIY-inclined and have a front-loading washer and dryer, installing a countertop over your machines provides a folding spot for an otherwise neglected space. Organize your laundry room on a budget with this idea by using simple materials like plywood, wood glue, finishing nails and polyurethane. For under $100 and with one trip to the hardware store, you’ll have the perfect flat surface for folding and organizing clothes.

folding laundry counter
Photo Credit: Vintage Revivals

As Sacramento’s premier washer and dryer repair service, the experts at Lake Appliance Repair have seen a lot of laundry rooms. We hope our inexpensive tips and tricks help you organize your laundry room on a budget so laundry becomes (almost) a pleasure instead of a chore!

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