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Goats Eat Appliance Parts

funny goat

When you repair appliances for a living, you tend to see some crazy things. In the last few years, we’ve had some really strange encounters with wild animals. A few weeks back, we uncovered a nasty rat coffin, and a little over a year ago we were attacked by a “flying” turkey. Last week, one of our technicians experienced an animal infiltration like no other: Here’s the story:

funny goat

It was a normal Friday afternoon. Paul was wrapping up his day with a service call out near Cameron Park. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Sacramento region, Cameron Park is a good 45 minute drive outside of Fair Oaks, which makes for a long day’s commute for our Northern territory technicians).

When he arrived at the customer’s house, Paul grabbed his tool box, repair parts, appliance glide, and computer bag, and hurried off to get to work. We try really hard to show a sense of urgency when at a customer’s home (although we typically close the doors to our transits in the process). After completing the repair, he returned to his transit to find two goats sniffing around, one of which was inside the vehicle licking the parts boxes!!

Now, this is pretty funny for a couple reasons. Mostly because there was a GOAT inside one of Lake Appliance Repair’s work transits. But also because the thought of Paul trying to coax a goat out of his vehicle is beyond hilarious! If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet Paul, he’s a very lively Kiwi fellow who will quickly win your heart (and apparently your goats will love him too!).

In any case, Paul successfully removed the goat from his vehicle and made his way home in time for dinner.

appliance goats

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