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GE Kitchen Hub – The Touchscreen You Mount Above Your Stove

ge kitchen hub

Using the GE Kitchen Hub is like taking a trip back to the future. This smart GE touchscreen brings smart savvy to the heart of the home- your kitchen. Using U+ Connect platform, the Hub puts your smart home into one connected space.

The Smart Touchscreen – GE Kitchen Hub

GE’s over-the-range smart hood might just be smarter than your phone! You can snap photos of your culinary creations while you video chat with mom and adjust the air conditioning. If you have other GE Kitchen Hub capable devices, such as a GE refrigerator, you are able to operate them using this one location.

With the Hub, you can listen to Spotify, preheat the oven, start the washer, brew coffee, dim the lights in the living room, and more! With the convenience of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can easily check your calendar or view notifications.

Smart appliances are becoming indispensable in today’s modern homes. They help turn the hassle of a busy life into the ease of a daily routine.

ge kitchen hub
Image: GE Appliances

Kitchen Hub’s Key Features:

  • 27-inch touchscreen
  • U+ Connect platform- connects to other smart capable devices
  • Built-in Google Assistant – voice commands enabled
  • 2 cameras – forward facing and above cooking surface
  • Powerful and adjustable hood ventilation system
  • Live video chat
  • Stream video and music

Pros and Cons:

GE Kitchen Hub pros:

  • Listen to your Spotify playlist
  • Stream live cooking episodes as you create your own masterpiece
  • Post progress pics on social media as you showcase your culinary prowess
  • Chop veggies while checking your calendar to make sure little Johnny gets picked up on time
  • No need for an extra TV or phone on the counter to be in the way
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Touchscreen protected against grease, steam, and heat

GE Kitchen Hub cons:

  • Your over-the-range microwave will have to go
  • $1,200-$1,400 – A bit pricey considering no microwave is included
  • You have to share the clever kitchen “tablet” with a spouse
  • You need GE smart appliances; some other brands won’t sync with the GE Kitchen Hub
  • You still have to cook dinner

For folks that relish modern technology, this is simply a 21st-century tool you have to try. With so many smart devices in the home nowadays, a command center like the Hub makes the functionality of it all even better. The fact that it is voice-capable makes usage easy and convenient, as we continue to move into a hands-free environment in our smart homes.

If you still love your flip phone, have a paper planner, and ward off the computer like a bad virus, it’s time to ante up and venture into a new world of possibilities! Impress your children and friends with new organization and tools right at your fingertips. And if you find you enjoy watching that Netflix show while you bake cookies, we won’t judge.

Whatever you choose, our appliance service professionals are knowledgable and able to keep up with even the smartest appliances throughout your home. Learn more about our GE Factory Authorized technicians.

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