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GE Artistry SeriesThese days, with so many different appliance manufacturers out there battling over consumer patronage, many of the major appliance brands have steered away from making products that appeal to the masses, focusing instead on designing appliances which are tailor-made for specific demographic groups. Especially true for the most preeminent brands, this strategy maximizes the appeal of certain products to certain people based on criteria such as consumers’ age, aesthetic preferences, and financial status. One of the best examples of this strategy is the soon-to-be released Artistry Series from industry giant GE. This unique line of kitchen appliances has been designed and manufactured specifically with the Millennial generation in mind. Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are quite possibly the most substantial and highly-coveted demographic in the appliance industry today. At present, Millennials make up a large portion of first-time homebuyers, and new homes means new appliances. In fact, according to real estate brokerage Redfin, ages 25 to 34 make up the largest proportion of homebuyers today. With this statistic in mind, the GE Artistry Series Repair caters to the design preferences of this demographic group while keeping the retail price of new units low enough for them to afford.

Consisting of a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a gas or electric range, the GE Artistry Series offers a unique alternative for customers seeking a full suite of kitchen appliances with a distinctive style and all of the must-have features. With a nod to the iconic age of American design, this new class of strikingly bold appliances brings “cool” back to the kitchen. Designed to combine style and affordability, the kitchen suite consists of a bottom-freezer refrigerator ($1,099), a top-control dishwasher ($499), an over-the-range microwave ($219), and a gas or electric range ($599). All together, the MSRP of the GE Artistry Series is expected to be $2,416 when it becomes available in September. The ability to outfit an entire kitchen for under $2,500 is an attractive consideration for any generation, but GE created the Artistry Series with Millennials in mind. Low-budget, economical appliances aren’t a new concept by any means, but most units in this price range offer only the most basic, essential functionality, and are very uninspiring to look at. GE realized this and made a decisive effort to produce a suite of kitchen appliances that transcends the typical notion of “you get what you pay for,” in relation to low-cost units. So, with the Millennial generation in mind, GE hired a 27-year-old industrial designer to create a series of appliances that is distinctive, familiar, and modern. The result is a truly fabulous line of products that will appeal to the penny-pinching masses in a way never before seen in the appliance industry. The Artistry Series will more than likely propel GE to new heights by cornering a coveted section of the market, since no other brand currently offers anything close to being as good-looking and well-designed for such a low price. Surely others will be playing catch-up once they realize the popularity and demand for such products, so at the very least we can all look forward to better appliances for much lower prices thanks to the GE Artistry Series.

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