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Fun for Your Kitchen: Easter Baking Molds

Kitchen Fun Easter Baking Molds
Kitchen Fun Easter Baking Molds

Easter is just around the corner, and we’re all hurrying to prepare fun, festive seasonal goodies for friends and family. We’re big fans of baking molds because they can be used for anything from cakes to chocolates, and they can make even the simplest treats look fun and exciting. Here are some of the Easter cake molds and Easter candy molds we’ve been eyeing as fun inspiration for our upcoming bunny and egg celebrations.

Easter Bunny Silicone Mold

This little purple mold lets you bake six little bunny cupcakes, complete with cute little face details. You can also pour melted chocolate in it for DIY chocolate bunnies. These would even be great for bunny shaped rice crispy treats. Since the molds are silicone, they will come off easily and without damaging the treats you put inside.

6 Easter Egg Molds

These cute little Easter egg molds come out with decorations already on them, though you will still want to frost them with different colors. Make it a fun family activity by having everyone decorate a few “cake” eggs!

Bottoms Up Bunny Candy Mold

Make your guests laugh out loud with these adorable bunny butt candies! Just melt, mold, and chill, and you will have hilariously cute bunny bottoms to serve at your Easter party.

Peeps Silicone Pan

Do you like the classic bunny look of Peeps, but not the gooshy marshmallow texture of the candies? Make your own Easter treats with the Peeps silicone pan. It’s the same shape and look as the original bunny Peeps, but you can turn them into chocolates, cakes, or even jello bunnies.


Nordic Ware Lamb Cake Mold

Make the traditional Easter lamb cake with this aluminum lamb cake mold from Nordic Ware. This is a 3-D cake with two pieces, so you bake the front and the back and then stick them together using frosting. Your guests will be amazed at your gorgeous 3-D Easter lamb cake!

Bunny Rabbit Cake Mold

This adorable Easter bunny cake mold is made of high quality silicone and holds 1 prepared box of cake mix. You will love how easy it is to bake this bunny cake with this Easter cake mold, and your kids will love how fun it is to decorate it.

From cute lambs to festive bunnies, there are a lot of cute Easter baking molds to choose from.

Have a great Easter!

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