Don’t Be Fooled By an Appliance Repair Service Contract


When you call an appliance repair company to get your appliance fixed, the last thing you want to worry about is being conned into spending more money on an appliance repair service contract, right? We think so too.

Unfortunately, Service Contracts are a popular money-making tactic used by some appliance repair companies and retail chains. They tout services such as ‘Appliance Protection’ or ‘Service Contracts.’ But at what cost? Slow service?

appliance service contracts
Fast service with no gimmicks!

Oftentimes, these service agreements are pushed on you before an appliance repair technician even arrives at your home, taking advantage of you when you’re already stressed-out about your faulty appliance. The customer service rep uses scare tactics to push you into purchasing a warranty that may not even be needed.

Even worse, once the repair tech arrives at your home to diagnose the problem, they tell you they can’t make the repair for two weeks and will need to reschedule… what?!

They lock you into a service contract so they don’t lose your business, but leave you with a broken appliance for weeks!

The Lake Appliance Repair Promise:
No Contracts! Just Fast Service

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Do they expect you to wear dirty clothes for two weeks while you wait for them to get around to fixing your washing machine?

Don’t be fooled by slick salespeople trying to bamboozle you into locking in repair service. Stick with an appliance repair company like Lake Appliance Repair for your repair needs, not a retail chain. We are here to fix your appliance, not sell you stuff.

And we promise not to make you wear dirty clothes for two weeks!

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