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best refrigerators for 2018
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Must-Have Appliances in 2018

When the time comes for a new kitchen appliance, there are so many options that it can leave you wondering where to start. We start

What Are Hybrid Heat Pump Dryers

What Are Hybrid Heat Pump Dryers?

One of the greatest recent developments in dryer technology is the hybrid heat pump. This ingenious design maximizes energy efficiency for the benefit of both


What is the best dryer to buy?

In the world of major home appliances, dryers are like the comedian Rodney Dangerfield; they get no respect.  Consumers tend to invest a significantly larger


GE Artistry Appliance Series

These days, with so many different appliance manufacturers out there battling over consumer patronage, many of the major appliance brands have steered away from making

Appliance Usage Tips

What Ice Machine Should I Buy?

If your refrigerator does not include a built-in ice maker, then a home ice maker can be an extremely valuable and worthwhile purchase. Ice makers

Appliance Usage Tips

Life Expectancy of Appliances

Over the past decade or so, major home appliances and the appliance industry as a whole have significantly changed. Design changes, new functions and features,

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