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Appliance Usage Tips

How To Keep Rodents Out Of Appliances

Did you know that rodents can cause extensive damage to your home appliances? You probably already know they carry disease, but you might be surprised

LG Steam Dryers
Maintenance Tips

Five Must-Knows About LG Steam Dryers

LG has developed many high efficiency dryers in the past several years, but the dryer in highest demand is LG’s dryer with steam technology. The

How Long Should an Ice Maker Take to Make Ice
Maintenance Tips

My Icemaker Is Not Making Ice!

Working in the appliance repair industry, it always seems like people’s appliances break down at the worst possible times. Whether it’s a dryer failing and

Maintenance Tips

How to Maintenance Your Washer

Despite the fact that we are an appliance repair company, we still like to give our customers and our community advice on how to properly

gas grill maintenance
Maintenance Tips

Gas Grill Maintenance | 3 Step Cycle

Nothing announces the arrival of summer like firing up your outdoor gas grill. Unfortunately, nothing sours a summer party faster than a grill that won’t

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