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How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet on a Glass Top Stove


Cast iron pans have long been touted for their superior searing skills, heat conduction, and durability. But, if it’s both heavy and heavy-duty, can you use a cast iron skillet on a glass top stove? You can, as long as the pan is cleaned and handled properly. Learn how to protect glass top stove from cast iron pan damage so both can stand the test of time.

Cooking With a Cast Iron Skillet on a Glass Top Stove:
Dos and Don’ts

For every fan of cast iron there are those who fear its maintenance or the damage it can do to cooktops. We’ll dispel some of these common concerns with simple tips for cooking with a cast iron skillet on a glass top stove. But, first, here’s how the advantages of cast iron and its simple cleaning methods can make these pans so worthwhile.

Why Is Cast Iron Good For Cooking?

Praised by chefs and home cooks alike and used for hundreds of years, cast iron has certainly earned its reputation. But why is cast iron good for cooking so many foods?

Here are just some cast iron benefits that enhance cooking at every level:

  • Durability: If cared for properly, cast iron pans can last a lifetime.
  • Naturally non-stick: While nothing beats Teflon for ease of use, a cast-iron pan’s seasoning provides a slick surface without chemical additives.
  • Excellent heat conduction and retention: Cast iron not only heats up quickly but retains that heat for even cooking throughout.
  • Superior searing abilities: Cast iron imparts flavorful browning to a variety of foods, enhancing flavor.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Proper cleaning of a cast iron skillet is essential to preserving both your pan and your glass top stove. You should clean your pan with the following steps after each use. We also recommend the same cleaning steps before using your cast iron skillet on a glass top stove. This will ensure that your pan is free of oil, residue, or food particles that can stain or scratch your cooktop.


Image from Lodge Cast Iron

These steps illustrate how to clean cast iron pans properly:

  • Immediately after cooking, wipe down the pan with a dry paper towel to remove larger food particles.
  • Wash the pan with hot water, a small amount of dish soap, and a clean cloth or paper towel. Wash the pan’s exterior as well as its interior.
  • To avoid rusting, dry the pan immediately and thoroughly with paper towels. Placing the pan on the stove over low heat for a few minutes can ensure that any lingering moisture evaporates.

Cooking Tips for Cast Iron On a Glass Cooktop

While it may seem as if glass isn’t the best cooktop for cast iron, you can still use a cast iron skillet on a glass top stove. With a few precautions, these pans can be included in our list of the best skillets for glass cooktops.

Follow these tips for cooking with cast iron on a glass cooktop:

  • Move the pan with care: Never drag your cast iron pan across the cooktop or bang it down hard on the burner. Always lift the pan and place it gently down to avoid scratches and cracks.
  • Consider a heat diffuser: These components provide a buffer between the cast iron skillet and the burner and can better diffuse heat for more even cooking.
  • Clean before cooking: A second cleaning before cooking eliminates lingering residues and particles that could stain or scratch your cooktop.
  • Preheat your pan: An electric cooktop takes longer to heat up than gas or induction models. Preheating your cast iron skillet or factoring in a slightly longer cook time can provide the best results.

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