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Can You Add Clothes to Front Load Washers? Now You Can!

Add Clothes to Front Load Washers

One of the biggest drawbacks to a front load washer is the fact that you can’t add clothes to the load once the wash cycle begins. In some front load washers, you have a small window of time to add clothes to the cycle, but even then you run the risk spilling water all over the floor.

Introducing the latest in Samsung washing machine technology. The new Samsung AddWash Front Load Washer has a small door where you can quickly and easily add clothes to front load washing machines even during an active cycle.

Add Clothes to Front Load Washers

No more running that (annoying) extra load of laundry after you discover some clothes stashed away under a bed. The AddWash by Samsung features a separate door that allows you to add clothes to your active wash cycle! Pretty cool, huh?!

Adding forgotten items to the wash cycle is easy. Simply hit the pause button on the wash cycle and toss in the forgotten items—and do it all without drenching your laundry room floor in the process.

Samsung AddWash: Add Clothes to Your Front Load Wash

The best part about the Samsung AddWash is not just the new door; it also has plenty of features that will make it one of the top front loaders of the year.

Can you say yay to extra capacity? The Samsung AddWash has an extra large capacity tub. If you thought your front load machine was big before, you haven’t seen anything until you look at the Samsung AddWash. The Addwash has a five cubic feet capacity that can wash a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes thanks to the Super Speed setting. There’s even enough room to wash your California King comforter and duvet cover.

Add Clothes to Front Load Washers

Never worry about forgetting to start the wash again! The Samsung AddWash is Smart Home ready so that you can control your laundry from anywhere. And, with the help of PowerFoam, you can expect your clothes and other items to come out cleaner than ever before.

Add Clothes to Front Load Washers

Not sure if a front load is right for you? Front load washers have a bad rap for growing odor causing molds, so if you’re in the market for a new washer you might be reluctant to consider the front load design. Here’s the good news: The Samsung AddWash will never grow mold or smell thanks to a special self-clean feature that helps keep the washer drum smelling fresh.

Add Clothes to Front Load Washers

Check out more of the cool features here and see how the Samsung Addwash will be the next big thing.

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