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5 Reasons Why Your Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start

how to start a bosch dishwasher

Bosch may be one of the best dishwasher brands, but even the highest quality appliances can fall victim to common problems. While one of the most frequent glitches is a dishwasher that won’t start, fixing it can seem overwhelming. We’ll diagnose the most common reasons a Bosch dishwasher won’t start from power issues to incorrect cycle settings.

Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Start? This Could Be the Reason

If you’re wondering, “Why won’t my Bosch dishwasher turn on?” there can seem like hundreds of reasons. Our troubleshooting guide provides the 5 most likely causes so you can quickly solve the problem.

  1. Power Is Not Turned On

Knowing how to start a Bosch dishwasher won’t do much good if it isn’t receiving power. Before troubleshooting dishwasher malfunctions, check the following power sources to make sure they’re functioning properly:

  • Make sure the dishwasher is properly plugged in without the use of an extension cord. Extension cords are not meant to transfer the amount of power that dishwashers use.
  • Confirm that power switches are on, checking under the sink if necessary.
  • Check your home’s circuit breaker box for tripped breakers, resetting any if needed.
  1. Dishwasher Door Isn’t Latched

To prevent leaks, your Bosch dishwasher won’t start if the door isn’t securely closed and latched. Once it is, the switch inside the door latch can receive the control panel’s signal to start the dishwasher. When starting the dishwasher, make sure the door is completely closed to engage the latch and switch.

Signs of a broken dishwasher latch or switch include the dishwasher not starting even if the door is properly closed. A broken switch will also exhibit a lack of continuity with multimeter testing. Either one of these components cannot be repaired and requires replacement.

  1. Problem with Dishwasher Cycle Settings

Sometimes an incorrect cycle selection can result in a dishwasher not starting. Check your Bosch dishwasher manual to determine if your model dishwasher has a child lock setting, or features that delay the start. An error code or symbol on the control panel can alert you if the Bosch dishwasher child lock or another setting is enabled.

When confirming your dishwasher settings, check the control pad to make sure it’s functioning properly. If some of the control pad’s buttons don’t respond to your touch, the control pad may need to be replaced.

  1. Inadequate Water Supply

Sometimes a water supply issue can be the cause of a Bosch dishwasher not starting. If the dishwasher has power but doesn’t start running or filling with water, this is likely the cause. Make sure the water valve is turned on and the dishwasher is properly connected to your home’s water supply. Check the hose that connects to the valve to make sure it isn’t pinched or kinked, restricting the flow of water.

If your dishwasher hose and connection are secure, then your dishwasher’s water inlet valve could be faulty. This valve opens to allow water to flow into the dishwasher. If the valve is faulty, it may remain closed and water won’t reach the dishwasher. A malfunctioning inlet valve requires replacement.

bosch dishwasher wont start
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  1. Broken Bosch Dishwasher Parts

If you tried all of these, but still your Bosch dishwasher won’t start, then a component may have malfunctioned. Our dishwasher repair service can help identify which of these common parts has failed:

  • Faulty thermal fuse: when this fuse blows it shuts off power to the dishwasher, preventing it from overheating. However, the fuse can also blow if it’s faulty. If the thermal fuse is blown it needs to be replaced.
  • Defective timer: A dishwasher’s timer controls the distribution of power to multiple dishwasher functions. If it’s not working properly, it may not deliver power when you start your dishwasher. A defective timer requires replacement.
  • Malfunctioning control board: the dishwasher’s main control board is a computerized piece inside the dishwasher that helps provide power to other components. If the control board has malfunctioned, there may be insufficient power to start the dishwasher and it needs to be replaced.

The team at Lake Appliance Repair is factory-certified to address any Bosch dishwasher malfunction. Call us to schedule a repair!

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